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The Road to Oz
May 22, 2017
Jay Scarfone & William Stillman
Non-fiction: General/Other
The Road to Oz captures the production history of the iconic film, and the many iterations of the property prior to film The Wizard of Oz, adding juicy details of the early production ideas and casting. This history analyzes the unique time in film history and sets the creators of The Wizard of Oz at the forefront of film making. The writers, world class Oz experts Jay Scarfone and Bill STillman have pulled back the curtain on the real, back-stage shenanigans of the producers, directors and actors on the production. This is a fair-use, non-fiction work of approximately 170,000 word (500 pages).
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Publication desired date - 2018, early 2019.
(80th anniversary of the film's release will offer marketing advantage)
Mobile phone: 310-880-9875
Grace Ressler
Saving Grace Entertainment
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