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Aliyah: The Last Jew in the Village
May 9, 2017
Fiction: General/Other
A moving tale of reluctant migrants torn between two loyalties: to their native soil, and to their Jewish identity.

‘Bashana haba’ah’ Yerushalayim’ (‘the next year in Jerusalem’) was the heartfelt prayer that kept the Jewish diaspora alive through centuries and generations of oppression, humiliation and suffering that they experienced in whichever part of the world they inhabited. The formation of Israel in 1948 was the realization of a dream, a chance to return to their roots, to be where they belong.

The Jews who came to Kerala, the south-western tip of the Indian peninsula, as traders or as refugees experienced no alienation. They were welcomed by the local people and assimilated into the community with absolute freedom to follow their religious and cultural practises. However, when the state of Israel was founded they left for the unseen land, selling their precious belongings and breaking the generations-old ties they had formed in this land.

In this story of cultural and religious identity, told through three generations of a Jewish family, Sethu writes about the emotional/psychological compulsions that forced the decision on them. In the process he has created a memorable novel that explores our ingrained notions of identity and belonging.
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Translated from the Malayalam by Catherine Thankamma
Arcopol Chaudhuri
HarperCollins India
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