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Raising a Star: A Parent’s Guide to Developing High Performers
Apr. 24, 2017
Kazembe Ajamu (Zendaya Coleman's father)
Non-fiction: Parenting
Bodyguard, Talent Agent, Producer, Manager, Educator—these are just a few of the roles Kazembe Ajamu, father of Zendaya, one of America’s fastest-growing, multi-talented world artists has had in his life. But the one position that has challenged him the most is his starring role as a parent to one of Hollywood’s fastest rising A-listers. Zendaya rose to fame in Disney Channel’s Shake It Up and K.C. Undercover as well as landing a starring role as Mary Jane in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Her father and mother, Claire Stoermer, have been a guiding force in the career of the multi-talented performer whose first single, Replay, garnered more than 144 million YouTube hits.

In Raising a Star: A Parent’s Guide to Developing High Performers by Kazembe Ajamu, parents will learn how they can raise a high performer, whether it is in academics, sports, business or entertainment. Not only will this book appeal to the millions of Zendaya fans including 33 million Instagram followers, 11.2 million Facebook Fans, and 6.9 Twitter followers (which Zendaya will actively promote to), it is also relevant for any parent who wants to discover their child's top talents and help him or her reach their highest potential. His goal in telling this story is to enlighten parents, kids and families about the day in and day out process of cultivating talent while balancing humility. Kazembe’s desire is to show the role of parents in helping raise a high performer as well as inspire people to believe that they can make it to the front of the line through hard work and self-determination.

Raising a Star will also allow Zendaya's fans to get to know her better, including being privy to family photographs of Zendaya and her parents depicting their journey together from childhood until today. At its essence, the book is about the journey Zendaya and her parents have been on, from building a relationship that has helped keep the star on the right path to dealing with the challenges of rejection and success. Kazembe will show with humor and insight how they got there and what it takes to stay there as a role model, particularly in an industry that is ready to pounce if she makes a misstep. Kazembe will talk about what it feels like as a parent when your daughter has a life that is totally exposed – where 33 million Instagram followers and 7 million Twitter follows are scrutinizing everything you do and say. Both young fans of Zendaya and parents will be entranced by this strong story of a family who worked together to help make their daughter a grounded, clear-headed woman who is also one of the hottest A-listers today. Their journey promises to be real, inspiring, humorous and poignant.
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