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Silent March: The Robert Champion Story
Apr. 24, 2017
Gerald and Pamela Champion
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
It started out as a quiet and lovely evening for Robert and Pamela Champion, the parents of Robert Darnell Champion. Pamela, commonly called Pam, had just finished washing her hair and was now rinsing out the last of the conditioner. The chores were completed, and she could rest and unwind with her husband Robert, affectionately known as Gerald, her best friend and soul mate for 31+ years of marriage.

Every night Pam waited eagerly for the phone to ring, knowing it likely would be one of her children, especially the middle child Robert, ready to share about his day, music and or any upcoming performances. He was, after all, living his dream as drum major at Florida A&M University (FAMU). As the evening of November 19, 2011 descended, they had already connected with their two daughters earlier in the day. It was an unspoken rule that Robert would always call late.

As the phone rang that night, Gerald answered the phone and was surprised to hear again the voice of Brittany their youngest, who was away in college in North Carolina. What should have been a pleasant surprise quickly turned into a nightmare the Champion family would never wake up from. Brittany was calling to inform her parents that something terrible had happened to her brother Robert but wasn’t sure what and they should expect another call from someone at Florida A& M University.

They finally received a call from the band director Dr. Julian White. All the Champions were told by the band director, was that after the game, they were riding back to the hotel in the limousine, laughing and talking, and Robert just collapsed—he didn’t know what happened. That partial explanation and short conversation left Pam and Gerald questioning why? They could not understand what would cause their son to just collapse. It wouldn’t be until weeks later that Pam and her husband Gerald would have the truth confirmed. Truth that leaked out on social media hours after the tragedy but which the university chose to keep under wraps.

Robert didn’t collapse in a limousine due to an undetected medical condition or dehydration. No. Robert died of internal injuries sustained from what some would call hazing, a practice that their only son vehemently spoke out against during his entire college career. What has transpired since that day is a journey that has been painful, dark, and one in which minutes felt like hours and hours felt like days. Silent March is the journey through the eyes of Robert Gerald Champion and Pamela Earnestine Champion and how they struggled to deal with the unthinkable and how they were meticulously relentless in getting the best level of justice they possibly could for their son.

Drawing from the deep well of their faith and trust in God, the Champions discovered their inner strength after the tragic and unexpected loss of their only son to a claimed hazing incident, not only to carry on in their daily lives, but to ensure that his life and memory would make a difference – changing the mindset of hazing as a rite of passage and exposing it for what it truly is—unnecessary violence. Amid eyes filled with tears, the Champions began to write down their thoughts, feelings, and emotions the very night their son Robert was lost to them forever. In the days, weeks, and months that followed, as some of the horrid truth of Robert’s brutal death came to light, their writings began to include the recollection of encounters with family, friends, and classmates of his, and later included encouragement and inspiration—all intended to be cathartic in light of their heartbreaking loss. What began as therapeutic has evolved into the Be a Champion Foundation and a heart-wrenching look into the life and senseless death of Robert Darnell Champion, aptly titled Silent March.

The message of Silent March, is a true crime drama with an expected twist—a call for prevention, intervention, and eradication of violence amongst young people. While a true crime drama, it tells the story of the death of Robert, at the hands of his band mates. But even more, it tells, the Champion’s own story of how they “Let God” take control after the heartbreak and became the voice against violence and bullying that permeates our society. Readers will experience the emotions and love of the Champions as they tell Roberts’ story, and uncover the importance of stopping the violence, through prayer, sound counsel, accountability, education, and community connection. Included in Silent March are the resources needed to bring about change and eradicate the violence:

Understanding the Haze that Surrounds Violence/Hazing
How Violence Fails to Deliver Respect and Loyalty
Creating a Safe Environment for Students
The Media’s Role in Telling the Whole Story
The Educational System’s Failure to Ensure the Safety of Students
The Judicial System’s Delivery of Justice
Everyone’s Need for Accountability
Awareness of the Consequences
Changing the Mindset of Those Who Continue to See Hazing as Harmless
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