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The Wheel of Life Goes Backwards, Too!
Apr. 24, 2017
Dr. Nikki Isaacs
Non-fiction: Health
Most people have fantasized about being young again. What if you had an unparalleled opportunity, in a short period of time, to wake up in a body and mind 25 years younger? This is no joke! I am pleased to present to you for review and consideration a pioneering book about cutting-edge scientific treatments available across the world. The Wheel of Life Goes Backwards, Too! by Dr. Nikki Isaacs is a moving account of a patient who defies aging; everyone’s fantasy.

An alternative health risk-taker, researcher and curious soul, Dr. Isaacs presents the first book written to chronicle the personal challenges of biological engineering; what it’s genuinely like to grow younger and younger every day while the rest of the world is aging. Her own dramatic makeover is a modern medical marvel. Stem cell therapy is already a global market with bio-upgrades predicted to be commonplace by 2040. This book is an unconventional, quasi sci-fi version of Eat-Love-Pray on steroids. The Wheel of Life Goes Backwards, Too! promises to be a revolutionary self-help guide for millions who will choose medically assisted time travel backwards to obtain renewed health and vitality.

Not long ago this book would have been fiction. Today, it’s a reality for consumers across the globe. Dr. Isaacs hares her journey introducing the field of bio-upgrading in a way that only a forerunner of this novel treatment can: boldly, frankly and honestly. More importantly, as a mental health professional, Dr. Isaacs is a meticulous observer with heightened awareness of the treatment and her responsiveness. This book is important because:

There are no other publications on the market that provide a patient’s perspective
of a bio-upgrade,
The book provides a wide range of insights:

Psychological aspects of growing younger everyday while others age,
How to navigate the unexpected in a life lived in reverse,
Pros and Cons of the Bio-Upgrade Treatment,
Preparing for a Magical Second Chance,
Theology: When Blazing an Undefined Spiritual Trail
Stem Cells as the Future Medical Paradigm
Future Transhuman Regulations: Thoughts from a Pioneer Patient

Unlike any stem cell book on the market, The Wheel of Life Goes Backwards, Too! is about the journey, the process, and the psychological dilemmas that rose during her anti-aging regime. While Dr. Isaacs weave’s science and medical information throughout her story, the book primarily focuses on what to expect during and after the process; the antithesis of life, when one literally grows younger and younger every day. The Wheels of Life Go Backwards, Too! also provides a meta-analysis of the types and kinds of stem cells commonly available. Dr. Isaacs presents basic information about the various types of stem cells on the market as well as a range of prices for the treatments. Wise consumers must know the difference. High quality stem cells can create the vitality that gives rise to renewed passion; passion to accomplish one last dance with destiny.
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