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Timeless Truths: Three Keys to Unlock Your Inner Greatness
Apr. 24, 2017
Dr. Jeffrey Chapman
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
The idea that God could play a role in our pain is counterintuitive; however, it is scriptural. Christ didn’t have a stress free path to the cross, Saul’s transition to Paul wasn’t a cake walk; and King David, though having a heart after God’s heart, faced much turmoil in his life. What was the secret Jesus, Paul, and David all recognized? What were they dialed into that eludes us today? They tapped into timeless truths!

Timeless Truths: Three Keys to Unlock Your Inner Greatness by Dr. Jeffrey Chapman with a Foreword written by Dr. Tony Evans, reveals the keys to renewing your mind, understanding God’s timeless truths – Think It – applying power to your life; Speak It – saying the words of power to achieve your inner greatness; and Live It – living out the inner greatness in your life victoriously and prosperously. God is for you; He always has been. The goal is for you to achieve your best, to reach your fullest potential in life, to be productive and effective, a winner. Timeless Truths is poised to come alongside you to help you discover the keys to the very best you, the pathway to your own inner greatness.

The author of Timeless Truths, Dr. Jeffrey Chapman, Sr. is an innovator, entrepreneur, and community development strategist, as well as the founder and senior pastor of Raleigh North Christian Center, a growing, dynamic congregation in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Chapman expends himself to ensure the lives and communities he touches will be affected positively by God’s power and forever changed. He is a man with an unquenchable passion for helping people connect with God and with one another. Having grown his congregation from nine to 1,600 congregants today, Dr. Chapman has established himself as a compassionate man skilled at sharing the timeless truths of God’s word to change lives for the better. Understanding that many people today are searching, suffering, and even wondering where God is in their lives, his latest initiative, Timeless Truths, promises to help readers find their inner greatness by the renewal of their minds, by moving from religion to spirituality, from bondage to freedom.

Dr. Chapman presents sound Biblical principles through his honest, penetrating approach all the while encouraging readers to consider these Timeless Truths and incorporate them in their lives. Timeless Truths is an illumination of Dr. Chapman’s expressive media presence – author, television show host, speaker, life-relationship coach and empowerment strategist. Dr. Chapman lives out his life’s work using relationship strategies that attract people of all backgrounds to deepen their own relationship with God, worship Him generously, transform their minds, and live victoriously with more influence and greater impact in their families, communities, and the world. Dr. Chapman (http://drjefferychapman.org/) has grown his platform tremendously especially over the last 12 months. His church now has over 2,000 attendees, his Twitter following is over 18,000 and Facebook following is more than 17,000.

Timeless Truths: Three Keys to Unlock Your Inner Greatness guides you to uncover God’s truth and encourages you to overcome your enemies, transform your mind, and achieve the full, blessed life God has planned for you. Readers of Timeless Truths will discover how to Think It—Renew Your Mind; Speak It—Say Your Truth Out Loud; and Live It—Walk Out the Steps to Success. Included in the book, you will come to understand:

· The Enemies of a Transformed Mind
· How to Overcome Those Enemies
· The Characteristics of a Transformed Mind
· How to Achieve Your Own Personal Mind Renewal
· The Role Your Thoughts Play in the Transformation
· The Effectiveness of Speaking Your Truth
· The Power of Renewing Your Mind
· The Role of Confession in Overcoming Shortcomings
· The Potential of Living God’s Promises
· The Need to Be On Your Guard
· The Function of Prayer
· How to Live Out the Steps to Success
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