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Power of the Unelected
Apr. 24, 2017
Stuart P. Levine with John DeSimone
Non-fiction: True crime
Stuart P. Levine’s book, The Power of the Unelected, is an intimate portrait of a man who was seduced by his greed to become one of the heavyweights of Illinois political influence. This is the story of how he rose through the ranks of the politically connected, to direct billions in investments and authorize the construction of the main hospital facilities, all while directing bribes and political donations to favored candidates who understood the pay-to-play game and wanted in.

Levine’s story is an insider’s look at how public corruption works at every level of state government, how money drives the systems, and how unelected but powerful individuals hold sway over the public till only to enrich themselves, their friends, and their favored officeholders. He explains how political cronies gain control of people in key positions through patronage and favors, and how these political appointees enrich themselves through crooked deals...and how these same people are often the upstanding citizens of our communities. Our recent election has raised the discussion of quid-pro-quo as a standard operating procedure at all levels of the political world. These corrupt practices that are endemic at the state level are systemic at the national level and are so deeply entrenched it's almost impossible for unaware citizens to recognize.

Some key issues arise in the book:

· Why do the same people get elected year after year?

· Why do the same people serve on appointed boards, year-after-year, and they become more powerful over time?

· Why do so many unelected people hold so much power in local and state politics?

· What is the connection between political and charitable donations, and the awarding of lucrative business deals and special government favors?

For thirty years, Levine carefully cultivated a reputation as a successful businessman as a stockholder in the largest HMO and dental plan in Illinois. He was a tireless philanthropist serving on many boards of universities and colleges in the Chicago area. But behind the scenes, he used deep political connections to secure government contracts for the HMO and dental plan. He used political manipulation, bribes, and political favors to close his deals. Levine’s relationships with some of the most notorious characters in Chicago politics led eventually to him gaining power on two key state boards, positions of authority that netted him millions in bribes, millions in political donations to his candidates, and favors that he called in to make even more money.

This is also the story how he lost it all through a relentless effort of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney for Illinois, Patrick Fitzgerald. When Fitzgerald's anti-corruption Operation Boardwalk swept Levine up into its investigation, Levine had never held an elected office in Illinois. He was one of the most influential power brokers in state politics. He had accrued his political influence over thirty years working with some of Illinois' most notorious political figures—Ed (Fast Eddie) Vrdolyak, Charlie Swibel, Bill Cellini, and Tony Rezko.

In today’s political environment where the role of charities and foundations and influence pedaling has become a topic of discussion, Stuart’s view on the subtleties of the quid pro quo as a way of doing business would be of great interest to many readers. This book is an inside look at a man’s wasted life of self-aggrandizement. And now he wants to make up for it by telling the truth—something he has dedicated the rest of his life to do. This story is unvarnished, truthful, and insightful look into how the quid pro quo works in every level of government. It’s not just business as usual—it’s corruption at the highest level.
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