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Mar. 16, 2017
Ingunn Thon
Children's: Middle grade
Exciting, gripping and funny children’s novel about friendship, family and courage.

Meet 10 year old OLLIS, short for Oda Lise Louise Inger Sonja, a new irresistible character in Norwegian children’s literature! Things have turned upside down at Ollis and Mama’s house. A tiny, sweet little brother has moved in – but also Mama’s irritating, clean-freak boyfriend. Things aren’t like they used to be anymore.
Fortunately, the house next door is the perfect sanctuary, as that is where Gro lives. Ollis and Gro are best friends and know each other inside and out. Or do they? Ollis hasn’t always been completely honest with Gro. And when they find a postcard in a mystical yellow mailbox in the forest, Ollis’ lie grows even bigger. What does Ollis know about the postcard that Gro doesn’t?
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German, Danish
Evy Tillman Hegdal
Oslo Literary Agency
phone: 0047 95224408
Sehesteds gate 3, Oslo, 0102
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