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The House of Secrets: Julia's Story
Mar. 15, 2017
J Mary Masters
Fiction: Women's/Romance
The first book in the Belleville family trilogy. Beginning in 1942, Australian heiress Julia meets US Army officer Dr Philippe Duval - but war separates them so she is forced by her family to give up the daughter she bears him. Too late, he discovers among his dead mother's belongings a letter she has written about the impending birth years before in an Australian country town. She does not know her mother has intercepted and destroyed all her lover's letters to her. Philippe discovers the child's whereabouts. As Julia is manipulated into marriage with a man she does not love, she struggles to come to terms with the loss of her child. In book 2, To Love, Honour & Betray, she will come face to face with the man who stole her heart and with the child she was forced to give up. Parallel story lines also develop with her brothers, one of whom marries an English aristocrat, and the discovery of her father's illegitimate son.
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International rights outside of Australia. Australian rights rest with writer's own imprint.
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This book has already received great feedback from women readers in Australia who love the period, the authenticity of the characters and the drama that is playing out in the lives of the wealthy Belleville family.
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