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My First Chinese Character Book: learning Chinese characters - for beginners
Mar. 11, 2017
Little Elephant
Experience the magic of Chinese Characters by learning from Oracle Bone characters.
The man behind this set of books has studied eOracle Bonef script Chinese characters for over
ten years and is now the father of a cute four year old girl. His inspiration for the books came
when he was teaching his daughter to how to learn Chinese characters and was hoping for an
easy and fun method of recognizing characters, whilst also having her understand the deep
origins of Chinese characters and the cultural significance they hold.
The books include Oracle Bone game-cards, character coloring books, and stickers so that
children can have lots of fun learning Chinese through games.
Board book, 2 sets in total, 4 booklets per set, 8 booklets in total.
8 basic Chinese characters per booklet, 64 characters in total.
These 64 Chinese characters are mainly basic, stand-alone pictographic characters that are most
relevant to the lives of young children.
FormatF 32mo DimensionsF 12.8*17.8cm (book dimensions); 13*18.2cm (box dimensions)

What are Oracle Bone characters?
Oracle Bone Script or Oracle Bone Characters are the earliest written record of Chinese characters.
Their name owes to the fact that they were carved into tortoise shells and fired for the purpose of
divination. Many Oracle Bone character are often relatively simple pictographs or ideographs,
making them much easier to identify in relation to their counterparts in the natural world.
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World, except Simplified Chinese
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English proposal available with pictures.
Chuan Ding
China CITIC Press
phone: 18600346361
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