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Housesitter For Hitmen
Mar. 2, 2017
Patrick Melroy
Fiction: Thriller
Lovable yet lost Aidy finds herself in a comical fight for her life when she unknowingly agrees to housesit for a high priced NYC hitman and his dog. Aidy must fend off attacks from numerous enemies and friends who mistake her for the hitman in this ridiculous fish out water and into a frying pan story. We follow twenty-something Aidy throughout her adventure of being locked out and evicted from her NYC apartment as she falls into a series of events involving competing clients of the out-of-town killer. She must navigate angry corporate suits, startup tech bro-grammers, rival hitpersons, and even a local condo HOA board who are desperate to have some wet work done by the hitman. Aidy eventually unearths the hitman’s arsenal and succumbs to the pressures of the hitman’s agenda. Culminating in the finale involving the the hitman’s return and Aidy’s arrival as certified gun for hire.
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