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The Tale of Tencent 1998-2016: The Evolution of Chinese Internet Companies
Feb. 28, 2017
Wu Xiaobo
Non-fiction: Business/Investing/Finance
To understand Tencent is to understand the Chinese internet.

This book reveals the complete story of Tencent’s rapid rise to dominance in the Chi-nese internet world, using its unique perspective to reflect on the complex and idiosyn-cratic nature of China’s integration into a globalized world.

During the journey from its founding in 1998 to its current status as a world-class inter-net giant, Tencent took its first step with instant messaging tools, then gradually en-tered social networking, interactive entertainment, online media, e-commerce and oth-er domains. Over the course of its supersonic growth, Tencent has also endured con-troversy. After an intense conflict with Qihoo 360 during the 3Q War, the company took steps to become more open. Looking back over its journey today, Tencent’s growth is a microcosm of the growth of Chinese internet companies in general. We can see that Chinese internet entrepreneurs, through applied iteration and understand-ing of the behaviors of Chinese consumers, have forged their own path and are now starting to take the lead in the global internet world.

The simplified Chinese version is published in December 2016 and it is a bestseller in China.
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