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The Dragon in the Mirror: The Path to Awakening My True Self  
July 23, 2017
Author:  Shawna Baca
Category:  Fiction: Inspirational
Description:  Mental illness has become one of the biggest topics of discussions today. It is the second leading cause of death on college campuses. We see famous people and celebrities suffering from inner struggles and depression that become incomprehensible, buried deep within the fabrics of their subconscious minds and haunt them from living a happy life, despite being on top of the world. We come from a cultural society that taught us to bury these kinds of behavior or thoughts, sweeping them under the rug, so that we can fit inside the mask and mold of the American dream.

We rarely talk about this subject matter. Society expects us to be on our best behavior and often therapy is not enough to break through the chains of trauma, experiences, and loss so great, that it drops us off from the margin of society and into a purgatory-like state, but it's time to come out of the closet so to speak, and battle our inner demons without judgment or fear of what others think.

The Dragon in the Mirror: The Path to Awakening My True Self intimately chronicles a downward spiral into debilitating panic attacks and agoraphobia that began on my twenty-first birthday; a mental illness that would sequester me inside of my home for over a year. When Western medicine failed, my Apache/Yaqui mother took me to the Pala Indian reservation to see a Medicine Man, who cured me that night in a sweatlodge ceremony and was nothing short of an exorcism.

The aftermath left me in contemplation of what happened to me… and my mind? How did I become that girl, who one day could do normal things such as go to work, to the gym, have lunch with friends -- to not leaving my home for a year with the exception of one weekly visit to my therapist, in which I had to be driven to; to then being cured inside a sweatlodge by a Medicine Man and POOF just like magic, all those feelings were gone?

The Dragon in the Mirror continues on from there to detail a labyrinthine journey that explores my various work using Western and Eastern modalities, conventional therapists, twelve-step programs, spiritual healers, all who helped me learn how to deprogram emotional conditioning as a result of childhood trauma and a series of losses, and instill new tools to reprogram new life conditions and achieve a breakthrough in re-awakening my true self.

The book is told in a role reversal to traditional case study story arcs written by psychologists and therapists and offers case studies chronicling my working with various therapists, doctors, and healers that ultimately, aided in championing an inspirational personal triumph and perseverance that will resonate with readers of all ages interested in this genre.

Rights available:  Worldwide rights.
Rights already sold:  none
Other information:  Author is an award-winning filmmaker and may make a feature film or episodic television series of this story.
Contact:  Shawna Baca
phone: 310-980-8906
Item number:  12301
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