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The Nanahood Chronicles: Promises, Prayers & Practical Advice for Today's Grandmothers
Feb. 4, 2017
Theresa Kindred
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
The NanaHood Chronicles: Promises, Prayers & Practical Advice for Today’s Grandmothers, a book proposed by Theresa Kindred which will provide a spiritual framework and support to help reverse, at best, or mitigate, at least, the impact of a transient society, fragmented families, and strained relationships. It promises to be a refreshing resource that helps sustain godly traditions and God-consciousness that many say is missing or lacking in today’s families.

The NanaHood Chronicles: Promises, Prayers & Practical Advice for Today’s Grandmothers will inspire grandmothers of all ages, denominations, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds, from first-time nanas to primary caregiving grandparents. This book will revolutionize the fearful first-time Nana, help increase her understanding of her valued role in society, and in the family, and how she can move through this new chapter of her life with grace and wisdom. The advice and strategies found in this book will also encourage seasoned grandmothers in their walk and help them take what they learn to train and mentor others. The NanaHood Chronicles could very well touch the lives of not only mothers but also maternal and paternal grandmothers. This book is written with humor and wisdom, and every person who picks it up will be empowered to tap into the promises offered to every believer to enrich their own Christian experience and the lives of the people within their sphere of influence.

Teresa Kindred is the author of Mom PhD: A Simple 6-Step Course on Leadership for Moms, The Knot at the End of Your Rope: Ten Ways to Hold on When You Are Stressed Out, Mozart for a Mother’s Soul, A Mother’s Prayer, and a collection of Precious Moments™ Books.
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