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The Truth Shall Set Your Wallet Free
Feb. 4, 2017
Nicholas Stuller
Non-fiction: Business/Investing/Finance
The Truth Will Set Your Wallet Free: The Secrets to Finding Everyone's Perfect Financial Advisor penned by Nicholas Stuller with Bob Weinstein is for every adult who is concerned about their finances which is pretty much the entire adult population of the United States.

One of the book’s primary missions is to help families achieve their wealth goals, and as a result, greater peace of mind. It bashes many myths, one being that you need to be rich to get a great advisor. In this current environment of Brexit, the election, and terrorism, the reasons to be nervous have never been more numerous. The right advisor is needed to help prevent families from making irrational decisions during these unsettling times. Along with the broad-based adult consumer market, The Truth Shall Set Your Wallet Free is targeted at the 2.1 million financial and insurance advisors who heavily influence 50 percent of American households.

There are a number of competing books in two categories: those written by journalists or other notable persons, and those penned by financial advisors themselves. In the former category, books like Mastering the Money Game by famous self-help guru Tony Robbins offer some helpful advice but lack the deep understanding of the industry and miss important facts and nuances. In the latter category, books like Independent Financial Planning: Your Ultimate Guide to Finding and Choosing the Right Financial Planner by Mike Garry, often have real or perceived biases toward a particular favored investment style. Finally, neither group has the competitive advantage of working with thousands of different types of advisors over a 25 year career, nor building a database of all 2.1 million advisors as Nicholas Stuller has achieved twice.

Nicholas Stuller’s unique background makes him highly qualified to write this book. He was the co-founder and CEO of the two largest advisor database companies and has personally sold to over 1,000 advisors. Nicholas was also the sales director for the top regulatory compliance consulting firm, giving him comprehensive knowledge of how advisors are regulated. Because of his expertise in this complex subject area, Nicholas has appeared often on TV, radio and in print media as a credible expert in how financial advisors serve the retail investor.
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Given this is his first book, Nicholas is writing it with Bob Weinstein, a respected editor and author of more than a dozen books. Bob is currently a writer and editor with the Hearst Media Group in Connecticut.

Nicholas is now in a strategic position to sell a high volume of books to financial advisors and the companies they represent by executing two distinct marketing plans—one for consumers and another for financial advisors. The financial advisor market allows him to leverage the databases he has built over the years to promote the book to all 2.1 million advisors, which is an additional and efficient gateway to nearly 50 percent of American households. Advisors will likely purchase numerous copies because the book is also an objective marketing tool to expand their business and reputations.

Nicholas has a very unique history of not only personally selling to financial advisors and the institutions that employ them, but he has over 15 years of experience teaching these institutions on how to sell to advisors. Close to 1,000 financial institutions, which served or employed the majority of the nations’ 2.1 million advisors, were clients of his two companies, and he was regularly asked for his sales guidance. He has personal relationships with senior management of some of the largest brokerage firms, mutual fund companies, insurance carriers, software companies, and advisor trade associations. Nicholas has a personal network of executives that will embrace the positive message the book brings to the market, and these executives will in turn promote the concept of bulk purchases to their networks of advisors. Advisors will use the book to deepen current relationships and also to generate new clients. Nicholas is known as an extremely aggressive, but professional and passionate person who can motivate others with his vision for the message of the book.
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