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Building a Million Dollar Side Hustle: The Art of Building a Global Brand
Feb. 4, 2017
CEO of Slim Girl Shapewear Juliana Richards
Non-fiction: Business/Investing/Finance
Juliana Richards arrived in the United States from Nigeria with $100 in her pocket, two sets of clothes and two pairs of shoes. She learned about American culture by watching Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake and Jerry Springer. She then developed a passion for her adopted country because it was a place where you could be whoever you wanted to be.

Ten years later Juliana Richards is founder and CEO of Slim Girl Shapewear, a fast-growing global brand that helps women shape their bodies naturally. Her body shaping and contouring clothing line has become go-to wardrobe necessities for high profile celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Carmen Electra and more. She has helped open up a whole new category of clothing for women around the world. Her story is one of ingenuity and courage, surviving and thriving. Equally important, it is a story of a woman filled with spunk and humor, told with stories that will make the reader laugh and learn.
In Building a Million Dollar Side Hustle: The Art of Building a Global Brand, she shares her compelling and inspiring journey of growing up in Nigeria; immigrating to the United States; starting her company; and expanding it to a global brand leader in body shapers, swimwear and lingerie. While sharing her story, Juliana provides tips to help other entrepreneurs learn the art of building a global brand. The story of Slim Girl Shapewear – Juliana’s story – is her testament and her gift to anyone who wants to achieve success. One of her goals is to inspire other business owners, particularly women and immigrants, about possibilities. She believes that by telling her own story in a compelling and personal manner, others will gain hope that they too can succeed and start a new life.

At its core, the book is about achieving the American Dream through Poise, Obsession and Persistence, the three core traits that have shaped her as an entrepreneur and are essential in the art of building a global brand. At its heart, Building a Million Dollar Side Hustle is a deeply human story in which Juliana talks eloquently and authentically about the tears, laughter, panic and loneliness involved with building a company. She talks about the heartache when things don’t work and the fear of the unknown. She debunks the glorified picture of entrepreneurs and talks in real terms about the challenges that can be overcome through poise, obsession and persistence.

This is a book for anyone who believes in the American Dream. And for anyone who wants to be deeply moved by a story filled with wisdom, inspiration, hope and humor. Building a Million Dollar Side Hustle: The Art of Building a Global Brand is sure to appeal to multiple audiences ranging from fashion fans and moms to entrepreneurs and business leaders.
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