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My First Triple Double: The Beginner's Guide to Creating, Growing, and Selling a Multi-Million Dollar Venture
Feb. 4, 2017
Former NBA Player Mark Blount
Non-fiction: Business/Investing/Finance
In basketball, Triple Doubles are single game performances in which a player hits double digits in at least three of the following five statistical categories—points, rebounds, assists, steals and/or blocked shots. This exceptional feat occurs roughly 35 times a season or 1 in every 36 games. It’s a goal most professional basketball players strive to achieve every game, and it goes without saying that it is not easy.

Mark Blount, former NBA 7-foot center for the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics, had some impressive stats during his 10-year career, Throughout his NBA career, Blount had to grind and work hard, and while he was considered a high-producing NBA basketball player, the one achievement that alluded him in the game was the coveted Triple Double…that is until he entered the world of business and entrepreneurship. When Mark retired in 2010, his determination for success never wavered. Within a short time, he built several prosperous franchise stores, a real estate business, and finally achieved several times over what he's dubbed, the business "Triple Double."

In his new book, My First Triple Double: The Beginners Guide to Creating, Growing and Selling a Multi-Million Dollar Venture, Mark explains that for many entrepreneurs, a Triple Double in business is a similar achievement to its sport counterpart: Succeeding in the three main categories of a discipline. Blount describes the Triple Double in Business to include three main concepts: Starting a Business, Growing a Business, and Exiting a Business with profits. These are successfully attained by following three basic sets of principles that can be referred to as Points, Blocks and Rebounds.
Readers will learn in My First Triple Double how to identify opportunities that line-up with your individual personality traits, as well as how becoming actively involved in a chosen venture produces greater results. Blount effectively shows how to identify key aspects that drive business and how to gauge the current economic climate and assess competitors. He then illustrates how to use those elements to create a winning plan. He also reveals another critical aspect of success in both basketball and business… a winning team. The importance of taking the time to screen and select good employees for every area of the company is emphasized, as are the elements of training, management and revising the plan when needed.

Stats are an important part of developing a winning team in the sports world, and they are equally important in the business world. Readers are shown how to properly analyze revenue models and growth patterns to determine key business analytics that provide healthy growth and keep the company operating at top performance. Finally, the desired end-result of most business owners includes turning that business around for a big profit. In Blount’s last chapters of My First Triple Double, Mark walks readers through the process of pre-exit, showing them how to assess their financial picture, reassess goals to maximize potential, ensure systems are turnkey and conduct an internal audit to ensure everything in the business is where it is desired. He then provides insight into exiting the business by finding the right private equity firm or buyer to effectively sell the business for top dollar and enjoy the rewards.
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