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Protected by Purpose
Feb. 4, 2017
Dorinda Walker
Non-fiction: Memoir
How many major drug dealers do you know that have become Fortune 500 executives? Dorinda Walker overcame the dysfunction of being raised by drug addicted parents, suffered abuse from multiple sources and took a walk down the wrong path; yet despite all that was against her, she didn’t just survive, she thrived and became VP of Marketing for Prudential. Ms. Walker will be the first to tell you she is not a victim; never was and never will be. She is a fighter, a survivor, and proudly wears the battle scars that taught her the lessons she learned, sometimes the hard way.
Dorinda’s story is so compelling it has picked up on social media. She has over 15.6K followers on Twitter, 19K followers on Facebook and 500+ connections on LinkedIn. In addition, people have found her story so inspirational that per the request of three highly reputable production companies, a film treatment has been developed based off of this book.

Dorinda understood the obstacles and heartaches she had endured early in life were the paths and preparation required for her to live a life of purpose. How did Dorinda work through her early, tragic years? She survived and thrived through forgiveness, fortitude, and faith. By implementing these tenets in her life, she successfully rose like a champion and then, unselfishly and effectively, went on to share her purpose with others in order to help them beat the odds as well.

In her new book, Protected by Purpose: How Unintended Circumstances Can Lead to an Extraordinary Life, Dorinda reveals her onerous childhood experiences, triumphs, and life lessons to guide others to overcome life’s obstacles and go from despair to a life of joy and abundance. She was born into a dysfunctional family of drug addicted parents with a father who was imprisoned for murder and diagnosed with AIDS early in her life. Her father’s side of the family was deeply involved in crime. Her cousin, Beaky, was a hit man, a notorious street gangster operating as a lieutenant of a prominent drug lord who was the first felon to be convicted in the state of New Jersey under the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act).

Dorinda’s troubled upbringing led to her own struggles with abuse by a step-father, as well as low self-esteem and anti-social behavior, dropping out of high school, becoming a drug dealer, engaging in sexual relations with older men, and attempting suicide twice – all before the age of 18. Despite all the ups and downs and the seemingly endless barrage of troubling situations, Dorinda has risen to become an inspiration to many. Today, she enjoys a happy, successful life. In her professional career, she has established a solid reputation for championing women in diverse communities. She is also a well-known speaker and an award-winning community activist who guides and encourages women and young people experiencing difficult lives. She has willingly taken up the banner to help defeat drug addiction, child abuse, sexual abuse, depression, and other devastating issues which kill dreams.

Dorinda proves the idea of not allowing her circumstances to define her through her own struggle of rising above the darkness and embracing her faith to shine as a bright light. Through Protected by Purpose, Dorinda shares three principals that helped her turn her life around: Forgiveness, Fortitude, and Faith. Her book describes the difficult situations many people face regardless of their backgrounds. Even though they may survive these circumstances, they still hold on to the bitterness because they are unable to forgive. Dorinda’s ability to forgive allowed her to overcome her hardships. She was able to live a successful life because she had the faith to recognize she mattered. This inner strength provided her with the fortitude to do the work. Dorinda’s life-changing ideals will guide readers away from victimization, hopelessness, and despair so they, too, can live a life of victory, abundance, and joy.
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