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Harvard Psychedelic Club, The/Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert
Feb. 4, 2017
Lattin, Don
Television rights
Daniel Ostroff Productions has taken the film and tv rights to Don Lattin's excellent "The Harvard Psychedelic Club" and is developing a long form screenplay based on it with Oscar-nominated, two time Emmy winning writer, Richard Friedenberg. It's the best book on Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert and company.
Dwight Garner writing in the NY Times:
“I enjoyed just about every page of The Harvard Psychedelic Club. This groovy story unfurls — chronicling the lives of men who were brilliant but damaged, soulful but vengeful, zonked-out but optimistic and wry — like a ready-made treatment for a sprawling, elegiac and crisply comic movie, let’s say Robert Altman by way of Wes Anderson.”
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