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Publishers Marketplace is the professional tool used by thousands of editors, agents, rights professionals, publishers, authors and more every day.

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  • Search the contact database of thousands of industry contacts, and the Who Represents database of authors and agents.
  • Create your own Publishers Marketplace Web page with contact information, career highlights, personnel, and proposals; writers can indicate that they're seeking an agent.
  • Post rights news and offerings, where agents, editors, and other licensees can view your projects.
  • Use the track books page to follow your titles' rankings at Amazon and, as well as cross-check automatically against the major bestseller lists.

“I've been telling writers at conferences and workshops for years that they should subscribe to Publishers Marketplace, the insider's connection for crucial book publishing information, and a tremendous resource for every writer. And now it's more important than ever with all the changes going on in the business.

“I use Publishers Marketplace every day to learn what I need to know as an acquiring book editor for a large commercial company. So this isn't an infomercial, but heartfelt advice.”

— Alan Rinzler
The Book Deal: An Inside View of Publishing