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Publishers Marketplace is the professional tool used by thousands of editors, agents, rights professionals, publishers, authors and more every day.

“Publishers Marketplace gives you access to a database of every editor, every agent, every merger, and (almost) every deal that occurs in the mainstream publishing world. If you want to be an agent, author, editor, or other type of publishing professional, it's worth every penny. I have subscribed to Publishers Marketplace without break for the past twelve years and I've never gone a day without checking it once. (OK, maybe on my wedding day.) (Probably.)”

— Niki Papadopoulos
Editor-in-Chief, Portfolio/Penguin Random House

The basic fee of $25.00 per month gives you access to all our features. You can:

  • Search the industry's most comprehensive databases of agents, editors and deals. Research agents through live lists of the most frequent and most prominent buyers and sellers across the more than 50 subject sub-categories.
  • View new deals daily; opt to receive a daily deal e-mail; search over 150,000 deals from almost 20 years.
  • Read the most respected news and analysis in the business.
  • Post a Member Page, list Rights, view Contacts, track online sales, and more.
  • Post rights news and offerings, where agents, editors, and other licensees can view your projects.
  • Use the track books page to follow your titles' rankings at Amazon and, as well as cross-check automatically against the major bestseller lists.
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“ is the best place to research literary agents. [It] quickly gives you sharp insight into who's buying what, and what agents are actively selling.… It's a quick education in what commercial publishing looks like.”

— Jane Friedman,
The Business of Being a Writer

“I implore you to invest in Publishers Marketplace, so you can research the sales records of potential agents.… There is simply no better way to research agents. Plus, you’ll get their news and analysis emailed to you each weekday, which will teach you SO much about the publishing industry. What’s especially fun is seeing all the debut novels that are being sold—proof that people like you do get published!”

— Tiffany Hawk,
How to Find a Literary Agent: The Ultimate Guide

“Publishers Lunch is the indispensable industry newsletter; its site Publishers Marketplace aggregates publishing news from multiple sources, plus other useful tools including job listings; a directory of indsutry contacts; databases of book deals and reviews; and multiple best-seller lists.”

What Editors Do: The Art, Craft
& Business of Book Editing

Edited by Peter Ginna, former publishing director at Bloomsbury Press

“Publishers Marketplace, with its database of deals, is probably the most comprehensive and up-to-date way of seeing who agents are representing and how active they are.... A subscription doesn’t cost much and is worth the investment for any writer trying to land an agent.”

— Kirby Kim
Literary Agent, Janklow & Nesbit

“Publishers Marketplace is by far the most influential web site on publishing. If you’re looking for an agent you must combine other information and evaluation you might have obtained from other good sources with the real situation in the marketplace that this site offers you through its Top Dealmakers feature and much more.… In our opinion this is the best single source for publishing information.”

Marly Russoff

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