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Publishers Marketplace is the professional tool used by thousands of editors, agents, rights professionals, publishers, authors and more every day.
Find and vet literary agents and agencies (and editors and imprints) by seeing their deal history and marketplace performance — and generate lists of top agents and editors across over 80 sub-categories/genres
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“Publishers Marketplace gives you access to a database of every editor, every agent, every merger, and (almost) every deal that occurs in the mainstream publishing world. If you want to be an agent, author, editor, or other type of publishing professional, it's worth every penny. I have subscribed to Publishers Marketplace without break for the past twelve years and I've never gone a day without checking it once. (OK, maybe on my wedding day.) (Probably.)”
“I implore you to invest in Publishers Marketplace, so you can research the sales records of potential agents.… There is simply no better way to research agents. Plus, you’ll get their news and analysis emailed to you each weekday, which will teach you SO much about the publishing industry. What’s especially fun is seeing all the debut novels that are being sold—proof that people like you do get published!”