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agent, editor, author, consultant :
Wendy Goldman Rohm
The Rohm Literary Agency

The Rohm Literary Agency was founded in 2002 to represent authors of literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, investigative journalism, poetry, plays and screenplays. We also work with memoir, children's picture books, commercial fiction, inspirational, young adult, middle grade, new adult, and business authors.

At a time when the publishing world is changing greatly, we have taken an innovative approach to nurturing individual talent as well as developing collaborations between writers, artists, publishers and producers across many platforms.

Heading the agency is Wendy Goldman Rohm, a New York Times bestselling author who has taught and lectured for numerous colleges, universities and organizations in the US., Europe and Asia, including including Yale, MediaBistro, onboard the QEII, Rohm is in the unusual position of understanding the publishing world from the creative side as well as the business side, having worked in publishing as an author as well as agent and development editor for more than two decades. (See the Kirkus Reviews' recent spotlight on Wendy Goldman Rohm.)

In addition to representing our author clients to top publishers, the agency offers ghost-writing services, developmental editing, and collaborative projects between authors and subjects.

Rohm's publisher clients have included Random House, Little Brown, Algonquin Books, Dorling Kindersley, Little Brown, The New York Times Syndicate International, The Atlantic, Wired magazine, Tina Brown's Talk magazine, Vogue, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Financial Times of London, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Playboy magazine, Conde-Nast, Ziff-Davis, John Wiley & Sons, Jossey-Bass, The Magazine Group, and many others. She has represented innovative new media projects--including book, film and video incarnations--for such global clients as Dove, and European clothing giant C & A. Rohm also been a literary agent and author for Sterling Lord Literistic, New York; The Waxman Agency, NY; and Waterside Productions, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Calif.

Rohm is currently also collaborating with Netflix; Dragonfly TV, London; Glass Entertainment; Temple Hill; and 3Arts Entertainment, among others, developing film and television series and adaptations from books.

Ms. Rohm is adept at promotion and public appearances. She has been a commentator on numerous national and international television and radio broadcasts, including: Nightline, The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, and dozens of programs on NBC, CNBC, PBS radio and television, CNN, CBS, ABC, and BBC radio and television. Rohm has also been an expert researcher for Townsend & Crew, Skadden Arps, and Conlin Associates, among many others.

The Rohm Agency provides literary representation and management for a wide range of authors including novelists, journalists, politicians, scientists, business leaders, screenwriters, and playwrights. Among these, author Saket Soni (The Great Escape, Algonquin Books); Jonny B. Good, Bitconned (book and forthcoming Netflix film directed by Bryan Storkel; Taiye Selasi (the forthcoming Anansi and the Golden Pot); Peter Atwater (Seeing in Chaos); Peter Nichols (A Voyage for Madmen); filmmaker Pan Nalin; Marcello Simonetta (All Machiavelli's Men: Friends, Foes and a Mistress); fiction and nonfiction author Janina Scarlet (Violet and the Trial of Trauma, Superhero Therapy, Therapy Quest (Little, Brown); playwright/novelist Seamus Scanlon (The McGowan Trilogy); novelist Élyane Dezon-Jones (aka Estelle Monbrun); poet/novelist Taiye Selasi; Tenzin Kunchap (The Rebel Monk); French novelist Bruno Garel; quant genius Igor Tulchinsky (Finding Alphas; The UnRules); and author/Fulbright scholar Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya (Everyday Ayurveda). Her global clients have included author and guru Linus Torvalds (Just for Fun, HarperCollins), Italian literary journalist/author Livia Manera Sambuy (Philip Roth: Unmasked); best-selling author Rebecca Walker (Adé: A Love Story; Mother Love; Black, White & Jewish); Sarayu Srivatsa (The Last Pretence, HarperCollins India), and many others.

If you are looking for an agent, we take exclusive submissions only, and require that you submit a query letter prior to sending your manuscript. Please submit your queries directly via or write to

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years experience: 20
General fiction, Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Reference, Biography, Computers/technology, Business/investing/finance, History, Religious, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Children's books, African-American, Science, Literary fiction, Narrative nonfiction, Journalism, Memoir. Also now representing film and television series rights, Scripted and unscripted
Praise for Saket Soni's The Great Escape, Hachette/Algonquin, January 2023:

"One of this country's most remarkable activists is also an extraordinary writer. From the very first moment of this world-spanning story Saket Soni has you in his grip. The Great Escape makes you feel astonishment, compassion, anger, and, at the end, something rare these days--hope."
--Adam Hochschild, New York Times bestselling author of King Leopold's Ghost and Rebel Cinderella

“It’s paced like a thriller, written like a poem, and full of vivid characters who’d enliven any novel, but it’s the true story one of the largest modern-day trafficking incidents in recent history and how Saket Soni and his crew went after the powerful perpetrators. A story as important as it is riveting to read.”
—Rebecca Solnit, author of Orwell’s Roses

"Saket Soni's The Great Escape is a gripping, devastating, and powerfully written book, a must-read for anyone interested in the real world stakes of migration, corporate corruption, and federal law enforcement."
--Olúf??mi O. Táíwò, author of Elite Capture: How the Powerful Took Over Identity Politics (And Everything Else)

"The Great Escape is part crime caper and part epic. Soni pulls off a page-turning marvel revealing the lengths people will go for economic dignity--and the equal lengths others will go to wring profit from hope. This is a book you will never forget."
--Lauren Markham, author of The Far Away Brothers: Two Young Migrants and the Making of an American Life

"A miracle--immensely moving, powerful, beautiful, and true. It reads like a binge-worthy thriller, told with ridiculous skill and Saket Soni's gigantic heart pounding audibly on every page."
--Naomi Klein, New York Times bestselling author of On Fire

"I've rarely read a more engrossing tale--and a more powerful reminder that in a strained and stressed world we must embrace human solidarity above all. You will not forget this book, not for a long, long time."
--Bill McKibben, New York Times bestselling author of Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?

"Saket Soni's The Great Escape is a revelation: into the underbelly of America's broken immigration system; into the forces of globalization that move millions of people from the poor to the rich countries without regard for their welfare; into one man's epic struggle to obtain justice for the powerless. The book has the pacing and suspense of the best fiction, but is a true story, told with empathy and humor and wisdom. The Great Escape promises to take its place in the annals of the finest narrative writing about migration."
--Suketu Mehta, author of This Land Is Our Land: An Immigrant's Manifesto

"An urgent book from a master storyteller. Saket hasn't just helped liberate hundreds of trafficked workers--he has also set free an equal number of magical narratives. Right till the end, this extraordinary work is as absorbing as a great novel."
--Amitava Kumar, author of Immigrant, Montana: A Novel

Jonny B. Good, Saket Soni, Taiye Selasi, Rebecca Walker, Peter Atwater, Peter Nichols, Pan Nalin, Janina Scarlet, Igor Tulchinsky, and many others.
Rebecca Walker, Time for Us, Penguin Random House/Dorling Kindersley
Peter Atwater, Seeing in Chaos, Penguin Portfolio
Taiye Selasi, Anansi and the Golden Pot, Dorling Kindersley
Saket Soni, The Great Escape, Hachette/Algonquin
Janina Scarlet, several new titles, Little Brown
Jonny B. Good, Bitconned, Netflix film in production, directed by Bryan Storkel
Rebecca Walker, New York Times podcast
Taiye Selasi, Anansi and the Golden Pot, Dorling Kindersley (world).
Taiye Selasi, New York Times podcast
Janina Scarlet, several new titles, Little Brown.
Saket Soni, Strangers at the Golden Door, Algonguin.
Film and TV rights, Taiye Selasi's Anansi and the Golden Pot
Peter Nichols international bestseller, A Voyage for Madmen, now in negotiation for film and series rights.
Filmmaker Pan Nalin, new series, Once Upon a Time in Italy
Wendy Goldman Rohm is a developmental editor, expert research, bestselling author, ghostwriter, literary agent and correspondent for numerous publications.
If you are looking for an agent, we take exclusive submissions only, and require that you submit a query letter prior to sending your manuscript. Please submit your queries to