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writer :
Vaughn Treude

Vaughn Treude grew up on a farm in North Dakota and has been reading science fiction and fantasy as long as he can remember. Though he enjoys his day job as a software engineer, his first love is writing fiction.
Arlys Holloway was raised in Glendale, Arizona, when it still had a small-town western feel. She has worked in many professions, including running her own daycare. managing retail stores, and working as a medical assistant.
Vaughn has published four novels on Amazon, the first a near-future science fiction tale, the other three in the steampunk genre. The last two, written in collaboration with Arlys, are aimed at a YA audience and feature their plucky heroine Professor Ione Dee. The couple also collaborated on "One Good Man," a musical comedy comedy about online dating, portions of which were performed in Phoenix in 2014 and 2016.
In 2019, the couple switched gears to write a military science fiction novel called Diana’s Fury. They reasoned that this female-centric adventure storyline would be a strong seller in the current market. They are currently seeking a publisher for this work.
Currently the couple is writing a third book in the Professor Ione D series, "Professor Ione D and the Steam-Powered Minotaur." They also do regular reviews of sci-fi books and movies on their “Steampunk Desperado” You-Tube channel.

years experience: 13

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Writing, Technical writing, Fiction writing
General fiction, Fantasy/science fiction, History, Steampunk, Military Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy
Published novels:
Centrifugal Force, political science fiction, 2012
Fidelio’s Automata, steampunk, 2014
Miss Ione D and the Mayan Marvel, steampunk, 2016
Professor Ione D and the Epicurean Incident, steampunk, 2017
Diana's Fury (Military Science Fiction, completed)
Professor Ione D and the Steam-Powered Minotaur (Steampunk, in progress)