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writer :
Travis Rave

Travis Rave received his MFA from Stony Brook Southampton and is a professor at Monroe College. His short fiction has been published in Tethered By Letters (contest winner), The Coffin Factory, The Big Jewel, 400 Words, and The Southampton Review. He has recently completed a 93,000 word novel entitled "More at End" and is beginning his search for an agent. Feel free to contact him at, if you are interested or would like to see an excerpt.

It has been three years since two of Melanie Andequin’s brothers died, and now Charlie, her third and sole remaining brother, is missing. After a recent argument and some disturbing revelations, Charlie stopped responding to her calls and disappeared, prompting Melanie to begrudgingly leave Brooklyn to head out to the suburbs of Long Island in search of him. With the help of an ex-boyfriend, an erratic note, too much wine, and Charlie’s own, strange account, Melanie pushes aside her own life in hopes of being able to save at least one sibling. "More At End" details a family’s collective grief, a sister’s futile attempt at control, and a brother’s descent into madness.

The tone is a combination of Tropper’s "This Is Where I Leave You" and Chabon’s "Wonder Boys," with a touch of Salinger’s Glass family stories. Though weird, dark, and funny, the increasing desperation of Melanie’s search creates a pulse that propels readers forward.

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