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writer :
Timothy Simons

Stephen Hawking wrote, "The Theory of Everything". Well, I have solved the Equation of Everything in its entirety, bridging the gap between science and spirituality via symbolism in a clear and concise way that is understandable for anyone with an open mind, regardless of their expertise or accumulated knowledge. The application of what I have to share will spark technological advances barely imaginable through a merger of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, explaining the origin of the Big Bang, while challenging and uniting all world religions and philosophies in mutual understanding and respect through an agreed upon common, logical, and practical spiritual practice while preserving their respective identities. The Equation of Everything will shed light on the nature of physical and mental illness in a way that modern medicine has fallen short, and begin the process of eradicating all prevalent disease, lengthening the human lifespan dramatically. An elixir of miscommunication, the Equation of Everything will also facilitate better international and domestic economic and political stability, allowing us to drastically raise the living standards of everyone worldwide in a just manner.

This is not pie in the sky - Peace on Earth is an idea whose time has come. In solving the Equation of Everything, humanity has passed the threshold of the nightmare of pain and suffering and can now enter the daydream of peace and prosperity. I've done the legwork - what I need now is the clout. Please help me in this venture. Thanks!

years experience: 29

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The Equation of Everything: Bridging Science and Spirituality via Symbolism, by (TYM) SEY3, a.k.a. Timothy Simons

The facts and figures are compiled. The relevant stories are understood thoroughly. I have a 5 page proposal written to gain an understanding of my writing style and a more detailed explanation of what the book will contain, and have the next 3 months set aside to piece it together. I will need a graphic designer to put some basic things together.

Summa Cum Laude recipient for a double major in economics and political science;
Successful construction manager for a utility scale renewable solar EPC (engineering, procurement, construction company);
Attained nirvana twice, accumulating the knowledge needed to solve the Equation and write this book