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agent :
Bonnie Swanson
The Purcell Agency

As a twenty-five year veteran teacher with a masters degree in language and literacy, I bring a long history of language arts teaching to my work as an agent. I enjoy working with my clients to not only make sure their books are polished prior to submission, but also to educate them every step of the way. Helping others grow has been a life-long skill of mine, and I am proud to say I do it very well.

My authors and I are a team. I will be there for them every step of the way, from the seed of an idea to finished manuscript and beyond. They know they can text or call anytime and I will be available to listen or act on their behalf. For this reason, I like to keep my list small so I am able to give each author the attention their hard work deserves.

I represent:
Young Adult Romance (I especially love magical realism and fantasy/scifi grounded IRL.)
Picture Books (Pretty much anything that makes me laugh or gives me all the feels.)
Adult (Think the quirky fantasy/scifi/paranormal style of Dean Koontz but with romance at the center of it all)

I am not the best match for Chapter Books, Middle Grade, or non-fiction.

Romance, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Picture Book
Angelique Burrell
Deb Buschman
Brian Cottrell
Matt Cubberly
Paul DeStefano
Cindy Dorminy
E.C. Farrell
Dannie Olguin
Katie Otey
Destinee Schriner
Every Other Christmas by Katie Otey Illustrated by Samantha Winkler (Sky Pony Press 2022)
Tina P. Schwartz, Owner and Lead Agent at The Purcell Agency
Cathie Hedrick-Armstrong, Agent
CLOSED TO QUERIES AT THIS TIME. When open to queries, this space will be updated.

Subject line should read: (QUERY) / Genre / Title of Manuscript / Wd. Count
Query should include 2-3 paragraph synopsis. Comp titles are appreciated.
Please paste the first 10 pages in the body of the email. No attachments unless by request.

PB- Please send the entire manuscript pasted within the email.