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agent :
Jonah Straus
Straus Literary
319 Lafayette Street, Suite 220, New York, NY 10012
646-390-3320 (fax)
HarperCollins, Jan 2020

Writing is where it all begins. Throughout history, many of the greatest human achievements had their genesis when a writer first sat down to articulate an idea, whether large or small, real or invented. As we hurtle into the future, the importance of writing will only increase, even as the forms and methods of disseminating it shift and change, because there is no substitute for a great idea.

Straus Literary is a full-service boutique agency with offices in San Francisco and New York and is dedicated to cultivating quality writing and unique ideas in a range of genres. Agent Jonah Straus works closely with authors throughout the writing and publishing process, from concept and editing to marketing and publicity, and also utilizes an extensive network of international subagents and contacts in film and television.

years experience: 12
General fiction, Mystery, Biography, History, Travel, Lifestyle, Cookbooks, African-American, Science, Historical Fiction, Memoir, Current Events, Politics, Humor, Literary Fiction, Multi-Cultural, Works in Translation
Achy Obejas - Pulitzer winning journalist and novelist shortlisted for PEN/Faulkner Award; DAYS OF AWE (Ballantine) and TOWER OF THE ANTILLES (Akashic)
John Keene - Winner of Whiting Award, Windham-Campbell Prize and MacArthur "Genius" grant: COUNTERNARRATIVES (New Directions)
Gregory Brown - Iowa Grad, Bread Loaf Scholar, MacDowell fellow; THE LOWERING DAYS (HarperCollins, 2021)
David Hollander - Writing professor at Sarah Lawrence and noted author of literary fiction: L.I.E (Villard/Ballantine)
Moacyr Scliar - Classic Brazilian Novelist; MAX AND THE CATS (Penguin) and THE CENTAUR IN THE GARDEN (Ballantine)
Paulo Lins - Author of acclaimed Brazilian novel CITY OF GOD (Grove Atlantic), the basis for the major motion picture
Adriana Lisboa - Celebrated Brazilian novelist and winner of Saramago Prize; SYMPHONY IN WHITE and CROW-BLUE (Bloomsbury)
Tatiana Salem Levy - Winner of the São Paulo Literature Prize and a GRANTA Best Young Brazilian Novelist; THE HOUSE IN SMYRNA (Scribe)
Clark Blaise - Canonical Canadian writer; LUNAR ATTRACTIONS (Doubleday); I HAD A FATHER (HarperCollins)
Nicholas Mennuti - Author of Literary Thrillers; Debut WEAPONIZED (Mulholland / Little, Brown) optioned for film by Universal Studios
Carlos Drummond de Andrade (estate) - The greatest Brazilian poet of the 20th Century: MULTITUDINOUS HEART (FSG, 2015)
Eric Gamalinda - Filipino writer of literary fiction; shortlisted for 2009 Man Asian Literary Prize; THE DESCARTES HIGHLANDS (Akashic)
Jose Dalisay, Jr. - Acclaimed Filipino novelist, Man Asian Literary Prize shortlist; Palanca Prize: IN FLIGHT (Schaffner)
Adi Da Samraj - Philosophy and Fiction: EASY DEATH (Dawn Horse); REALITY IS ALL THE GOD THERE IS (Inner Traditions)
Robert Lax (estate) – Celebrated Poet: LOVE HAD A COMPASS (Grove), CIRCUS DAYS AND NIGHTS (Overlook)

Gabriel Kreuther - Chef, Gabriel Kreuther NYC, formerly of The Modern, Beard Award: Best Chef New York; CRAFT & COMFORT (Abrams, 2021)
Maneet Chauhan - Regular judge on CHOPPED on Food Network; owner of Chaatable, Nashville; THE CHAAT EXPRESS (Clarkson Potter, 2020)
Blaine Wetzel - Chef, Willows Inn on Lummi Island, WA; James Beard Rising Star Chef; protegé of Rene Redzepi; SEA & SMOKE (Running Press)
Kyle & Katina Connaughton - Chef and farmer at 3 Michelin star Single Thread in Healdsburg, CA; formerly of The Fat Duck and Michel Bras in Hokkaido
Gastón Acurio - Peruvian chef, owner of 29 restaurants worldwide; PERU: THE COOKBOOK (Phaidon Press)
Jody Eddy - Food & Travel Writer, former editor Art Culinaire: NORTH (Ten Speed Press); THE ELYSIAN KITCHEN (W.W. Norton, 2021)
Jehangir Mehta - Chef, Graffiti NYC, and runner-up on THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR, cookbook author: MANTRA (Ecco)
La Cocina Kitchen Incubator, San Francisco; WE ARE LA COCINA (Chronicle Books, 2019)
The Chef's Garden in Huron, OH; THE CHEF'S GARDEN (Avery, 2021)
Bricia Lopez of Guelaguetza Oaxacan Restaurant, Los Angeles; OAXACA: A COOKBOOK FROM THE HEART OF MEXICO (Abrams, 2019)
Ali Bouzari - Culinary scientist, consultant to Thomas Keller, Daniel Humm, and Corey Lee, TEDx speaker, educator: INGREDIENT (Ecco)
Molly Yeh - Winner, Saveur Best Food Blog, star of GIRL MEETS FARM on Food Network: MOLLY ON THE RANGE (Rodale, 2017)
Ron Cooper - Artist and founder of Del Maguey mezcals, author, FINDING MEZCAL (Ten Speed Press)
Paul Grieco - Wine director, owner, Terroir Wine Bars in NYC
David Kaplan and Alex Day - Owners of Death & Co cocktail bars in NY, LA, and Denver; DEATH & CO (Ten Speed)
Julie Reiner - Owner of Clover Club and Leyenda in Brooklyn: THE CRAFT COCKTAIL PARTY (Grand Central)
Lou Di Palo - Owner of Di Palo's Fine Foods in Little Italy, America's foremost expert on the foods of Italy; DI PALO'S ITALIAN FOODS (Ballantine)
Tyler Kord - Chef at No. 7 Brooklyn, No. 7 Sub in Ace Hotel, Plaza Hotel, Greenpoint: A SUPER-UPSETTING BOOK ABOUT SANDWICHES (Clarkson Potter, 2016)
Philip Tessier - French Laundry Alum, Silver Medal Winner and Gold Medal Coach at Bocuse d'Or; CHASING BOCUSE (Prestel)
Jeni Britton Bauer - Founder, ice cream company in Columbus; NYT Bestseller and Beard winner JENI'S SPLENDID ICE CREAMS (Artisan)
Juan Marí Arzak - Celebrated Spanish chef, grandfather of new Basque cuisine; 3 Michelin stars since 1989; ARZAK SECRETS (Grub Street)
Martin Cate - Owner of Smuggler's Cove Tiki Bar in San Francisco: SMUGGLER'S COVE (Ten Speed Press, 2016)
Kristin Donnelly - freelancer, former Senior Food Editor, FOOD & WINE magazine: THE MODERN POTLUCK (Clarkson Potter, 2016)

Edward McClelland - Journalist and Historian, Chicago Reader, Salon: NOTHIN' BUT BLUE SKIES and YOUNG MR. OBAMA (Bloomsbury)
Sarah DiGregorio - Editor at Buzzfeed, Parade, author of EARLY, the first journalistic survey on the field of premature birth (HarperCollins, 2020)
Gordon Weiss - Journalist and former United Nations Spokesman, Sri Lanka; THE CAGE (Random House UK / Bellevue Literary Press US)
Alvaro Vargas Llosa - Exiled Peruvian political journalist, son of famed novelist; LIBERTY FOR LATIN AMERICA (FSG)
E.G. Vallianatos - Environmental Analyst and EPA Whistleblower; POISON SPRING (Bloomsbury Press)
Jim Marrs - Bestselling writer of conspiracy theory, CROSSFIRE (Carroll & Graf); RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH (Harper Collins)
President Janez Drnovsek (Estate) - of Slovenia, author of books on peace and international relations
Laurentino Gomes - Brazilian journalist and author of bestselling popular history THE FLIGHT OF THE EMPEROR, 1808 (Lyons), over 800,000 sold in Brazil
Kurt Hollander - Mexico City correspondent for New York Times, London Guardian; LOW RENT (Grove Press)
Martine Barrat - Acclaimed photographer: Life, Vanity Fair, Le Monde; shows: Whitney, Centre Pompidou; DO OR DIE (Viking)

Ángel Esteban - Biography, Spanish literature: FIDEL & GABO (Pegasus Books); DE GABO A MARIO (Vintage Español)
Drauzio Varella - Major Brazilian author; CARANDIRU STATION (Simon & Schuster UK), subject of film by Hector Babenco
Alan Weisman - Former CBS producer: LONE STAR: DAN RATHER (Wiley); PRINCE OF DARKNESS: RICHARD PERLE (Un Sq)
Carl Dawson - Historical fiction, memoir, and biography: NOVEMBER 1948 (Virginia); WILLIAM DEAN HOWELLS (California)
Susan Goodman - Literary Biographer, Guggenheim Fellow, University of Delaware: REPUBLIC OF WORDS (UPNE)

Gregory Brown: THE LOWERING DAYS, a debut novel in a six figure preempt (HarperCollins)
Camper English: DRINK YOUR MEDICINE: The Surprising History of Curative Spirits and Cocktails (Penguin Books)
Farmer Lee Jones with Kristin Donnelly: THE CHEF'S GARDEN: A Modern Guide to Common and Unusual Vegetables (Avery, in a significant deal at auction)
Bricia Lopez - GUELAGUETZA: THE FOOD OF OAXACA (Abrams, six figure deal at auction)
Sarah DiGregorio - EARLY: WHAT PREMATURE BIRTH TEACHES US ABOUT BEING HUMAN (HarperCollins, significant deal, pre-empt)
Jody Eddy - THE ELYSIAN KITCHEN: The Food of Monasteries Around the World (W.W. Norton, good deal)
Caleb Zigas and Leticia Landa - THE LA COCINA COOKBOOK (Chronicle Books)
Philip Tessier - CHASING BOCUSE (Prestel)
Tony Belloto - BELLINI AND THE SPHINX (Akashic)
Sarah DiGregorio - ADVENTURES IN SLOW COOKING (William Morrow, good deal, at auction)
Ron Cooper - FINDING MEZCAL (Ten Speed Press)
Tony Bellotto (ed) - SAO PAULO NOIR (Akashic)
Molly Yeh - MOLLY ON THE RANGE (Rodale) significant deal, at auction)
David Kaplan, Alex Day, Nick Fauchald - Untitled Cocktail Book followup to Death & Co (Ten Speed Press) significant deal, on option
John Keene - COUNTERNARRATIVES (New Directions)
Juan Marí Arzak - SECRETS (Grub Street)
Tony Bellotto (ed) - RIO NOIR (Akashic)
Lance Hawvermale - FACE BLIND (fka RAIN SHADOW) (Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Press)
Ali Bouzari - INGREDIENT: THE TRUE ELEMENTS OF COOKING (Ecco) in a good deal, at auction
Kristin Donnelly - THE MODERN POTLUCK (Clarkson Potter)
Gastón Acurio - PERU: THE COOKBOOK (Phaidon)
Tatiana Salem Levy - THE HOUSE IN SMYRNA (Scribe)
Clark Blaise - THE CRUELEST GIFT: Inherited Disease in the Age of DNA (Knopf Canada)
Martin Cate - SMUGGLER'S COVE: Cocktails, Rum and the Cult of Tiki (Ten Speed Press)
Eric Gamalinda - THE DESCARTES HIGHLANDS, debut novel (Akashic Books)
Julie Reiner with Kaitlyn Goalen - THE CRAFT COCKTAIL PARTY (Grand Central) six figure deal pre-empt
Jeni Britton Bauer - JENI'S SPLENDID ICE CREAM DESSERTS (Artisan) six figure deal on option
Clark Blaise - THE KEROUAC THAT NEVER WAS (Plympton; short fiction, electronic original)
Regina Charboneau with Harriet Bell - MISSISSIPPI CURRENT: A Culinary Journey down America's Greatest Waterway (Lyons Press)
Lou Di Palo with Rachel Wharton - DI PALO'S ITALIAN FOODS (Ballantine) Six-figure deal at auction
Laurentino Gomes - 1808: THE FLIGHT OF THE EMPEROR (Lyons Press)
Carlos Drummond de Andrade - POETRY ANTHOLOGY (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
David Kaplan and Nick Fauchald - DEATH & CO Cocktail Book (Ten Speed Press) Pre-Empt, Significant Deal
Nicholas Balthazar - THE CAPITOL HILL PLAYBOOK: A Machiavellian Guide for Modern Politicos (Skyhorse)
Adriana Lisboa - CROW-BLUE (Bloomsbury)
Nicholas Mennuti with David Guggenheim - WEAPONIZED (aka EXILE) (Mulholland Books / Little, Brown)
Jeff Cox - FERMENTATION NATION: Great Taste and Good Health with Probiotic Foods (Avery / Penguin)
Anthony Belli - THE STREET SMART SALESMAN: How Growing Up Poor Helped Make Me Rich (Wiley)
E.G. Vallianatos - POISON SPRING: A Secret History of the EPA (Bloomsbury Press)
Gordon Weiss - THE CAGE: The Fight for Sri Lanka and the Last Days of the Tamil Tigers (Bellevue Literary Press)
Drauzio Varella - CARANDIRU STATION (aka LOCKDOWN) (Simon & Schuster UK)
Lygia Fagundes Telles - THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPH (Dalkey Archive)
Paulo Emilio Salles Gomes - P'S THREE WOMEN (Dalkey Archive)
Kurt Hollander - SEVERAL WAYS TO DIE IN MEXICO CITY (Feral House)
Susan Goodman - REPUBLIC OF WORDS: The Atlantic Monthly and its Writers (UPNE)
Jose Dalisay - IN FLIGHT: Two Novels of the Philippines (Schaffner Press)
Jeni Britton Bauer - JENI'S SPLENDID ICE CREAMS AT HOME (Artisan/Workman) Six figure deal at auction
Gordon Weiss - THE CAGE: The Fight for Sri Lanka and the Last Days of the Tamil Tigers (Bodley Head/Random House UK)
Kim Chinquee - PRETTY (White Pine Press)
Avrom Bendavid-Val - THE HEAVENS ARE EMPTY: Discovering the Lost Town of Trochenbrod (Pegasus Books)
Ángel Esteban & Stéphanie Panichelli - FIDEL & GABO: A Portrait of the Legendary Friendship (Pegasus Books)
Jim Marrs - SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE (Disinformation Company)
Jim Marrs – ABOVE TOP SECRET (Disinformation Company)
Jim Marrs – THE TERROR CONSPIRACY (Disinformation Company)
Alvaro Vargas Llosa – LIBERTY FOR LATIN AMERICA (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)
Gregory Brown - THE LOWERING DAYS (French: Editions Gallmeister via Lapautre Agency)
John Keene - COUNTERNARRATIVES (Turkish: Alakarga via Kalem Agency and French: Cambourakis via LaPautre Agency)
Martin Cate - SMUGGLER'S COVE (Italian: Readrink)
Molly Yeh - MOLLY ON THE RANGE (German: Südwest via Meller Agency)
David Kaplan - DEATH & CO (Japanese: Rakkousha via the English Agency)
Ali Bouzari - INGREDIENT (Russian: Alpina via AK Agency and Spanish: Planeta Gastro via Silvia Bastos Agency)
Martin Cate - SMUGGLER'S COVE (Italian: Readrink via Susanna Zevi Agency)
Jeni Britton Bauer - JENI'S SPLENDID ICE CREAMS AT HOME (Simplified Chinese: Beijing Science & Technology via Big Apple Agency)
Jeff Cox - THE ESSENTIAL BOOK OF FERMENTATION (Italian: Technice Nuove via Susanna Zevi Agency)
Nicholas Mennuti with David Guggenheim - WEAPONIZED (Film Adaptation Rights to Universal Studios for high six-figures, via Paradigm)
Drauzio Varella - LOCKDOWN (Carandiru Station) (Polish: Czarne via Graal Agency)
Anthony Belli - THE STREET-SMART SALESMAN (Complex Chinese: Business Weekly via Big Apple Agency)
Avrom Bendavid-Val - THE HEAVENS ARE EMPTY (Italian: Ugo Guanda Editore via Susanna Zevi Agency)
Jeni Britton Bauer - JENI'S SPLENDID ICE CREAMS AT HOME (German: Neue Umschau Verlag via Meller Agency)
Jose Dalisay - SOLEDAD'S SISTER (French: Mercure de France / Gallimard via Agence Michelle LaPautre)
Jose Dalisay - KILLING TIME IN A WARM PLACE (Spanish: Libros del Asteroide via Silvia Bastos Agency)
Avrom Bendavid-Val - THE HEAVENS ARE EMPTY (Polish: Swiat Ksiazki via Graal Agency)
Jim Marrs - THE SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE (Czech: Pléjada via Andrew Nurnberg Prague)
Jim Marrs - THE SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE (Portugal: Luxcitania via Silvia Bastos Agency)
Marcos Aguinis - THE SAGA OF A MARRANO (Japanese: Sakuhinsha via The English Agency)
Ángel Esteban & Ana Gallego - FROM GABO TO MARIO (US Spanish: Vintage Español)
Gordon Weiss - THE CAGE (Australia & New Zealand: Picador/Pan Macmillan)
Joshua Gidding - FAILURE: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY (Film Option: Montabela Productions)
Ángel Esteban and Stéphanie Panichelli - FIDEL & GABO (Korean: Yemun via Amo Agency)
Jim Marrs - SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE (Portugal: Luxcitania via Silvia Bastos Agency)
Jim Marrs - SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE and two other books (Albanian: Bota Shqiptare)
Jim Marrs - SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE (Bulgarian: Ciela via ELST Literary Agency)
Marcos Aguinis - THE ENLIGHTENED ONES (Japanese: Sakuhinsha via The English Agency)
Jim Marrs - SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE (Polish: QBook via Graal Agency)
Marcos Aguinis - AY CARMELA (Serbian: Laguna)
Marcos Aguinis - AY CARMELA (Bulgarian: Tony Press via ELST Literary Agency)
Marcos Aguinis - THE SAGA OF A MARRANO (Japanese: Sakuhinsha via The English Agency)
Marcos Aguinis - THE ENLIGHTENED ONES (Film/TV option: Offside Productions for Fox Television Studios)
13 years additional experience in editorial, sales, and marketing for publishers and book distributors in New York and San Francisco
Spanish / Portugal: Silvia Bastos Agency, Pau Centellas -
Italian: Susanna Zevi Agenzia Letteraria, Susanna Zevi -
French: Agence Michelle Lapautre, Catherine Lapautre -
German: Meller Agency, Leonie Schöbel -
Dutch: Marianne Schönbach Agency, Diana Gvozden -
Brazil: Riff Agency, João Paulo Riff -
Polish: Graal Agency, Justyna Pelaska -
Czech: Andrew Nurnberg Associates, Lucie Poláková -
Scandinavia: Lennart Sane Agency, Philip Sane -
Russian: AK Agency, Alexander Korzhenevski,
Greek: Iris Literary, Catherine Fragou -
Bulgarian: ELST Literary Agency, Kalina Stefanova -
Romanian: Simona Kessler Agency, Adriana Marina -
Serbian / Balkans: Plima Literary, Vuk Perisic -
Hungarian: DS Budapest, Szabolcs Török -
Turkish: Kalem Agency, Nazli Gürkas -
Hebrew: Deborah Harris Agency, Geula Geurts -
Korean: Amo Agency, Amo Noh -
Chinese: Big Apple Agency, Luc Kwanten -
Japanese: The English Agency, Tsutomu Yawata -
Mertin Agency / Nicole Witt, Germany
Please send a query letter via email with a synopsis, author bio, and two sample chapters in the body of the email. Due to the volume of submissions, we can only reply to those projects we choose to pursue.
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