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publisher :
Scott Petinga
Timothy and Titus, LLC

Not Your Mother’s Publishing Company.

Traditional book publishing and marketing are dinosaurs. The entire system is inefficient, a money loser, and authors suffer. Timothy & Titus thinks it’s time to change that.

As a full-service publisher, we partner with authors to create, distribute, and promote great books. And we don’t just sit idly by. We are involved in the whole process, making it more efficient and with more author input. The bottom line: Authors have more control and make more money!

At Timothy & Titus, we have a knack for finding business authors with passion. Passion as we all know can do a lot for a person or business, but when you have an author with passion, it creates enthusiasm around a book’s core message.

Our goal is to look for authors with a message that’s spreadable across multiple platforms, deliverable as today’s consumers digest books in multiple formats.

Our team is dedicated to providing books that deliver good content and no bullshit. Original content with original, one of kind authors.

We Provide:
• Modest advances
• Royalties 3-5 times industry norms
• Opportunity to provide significant input
• Fast response times for all submissions
• National/global distribution

Introducing Our Revolutionary 3/3/3 Model
• 34% of net cash receipts will be directed to Author
• 34% of net cash receipts will be directed to Publisher
• 32% to Charity
-16% of net cash receipts will be directed to a charity of the Author’s choosing
-16% of net cash receipts will be directed to the Fairy Foundation (

Submission Process:
To submit a book for consideration to publish submit a book proposal to At this time we only accept non-fiction books from authors who have an existing social media platform and demonstrate a propensity to participate in the success of their book.

years experience: 15
Business/investing/finance, Religious, Health, Children's books, Sports
In No One Ever Drowned in Sweat, Scott Petinga breaks down each trait of G.R.I.T. and how to successfully use them to reach goals. Besides sharing his own experiences, Scott adds words of wisdom from interviews of over 50 notable CEO's, entrepreneurs, non-profit heads, thought leaders athletes, everyday heroes, academics and forward thinkers from all walks of life.

You'll learn how these traits are the driving force that makes things happen, even if you don't have a formal education. As a matter of fact, Scott explains how it is the elements of G.R.I.T. that are needed to restore the business world which has grown basically weak and unproductive because corporate heads have valued those with educational parchments and alphabetical titles over those with the characteristics of G.R.I.T.

Timothy and Titus signs VP of Multicultural Marketing at Prudential Dorinda Walker for her new book Protected by Purpose. For more information on Dorinda Walker visit
Leticia Gomez/CEO & Founder
Savvy Literary Services
3 Griffin Hill Ct.
The Woodlands, TX. 77382
Office: (281)465-0119
Mobile: (281) 682-7518
Scott Petinga/Publisher