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agent :
Susan Finesman
Fine Literary
1236 Comstock Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Fine Literary Management is a boutique literary agency run by Susan Finesman and based in Los Angeles where we are happily and carefully seeking new clients.

Susan Finesman began scouting books, plays and narrative non-fiction for Tri-Star Pictures in 1986. Five years later, she moved on to SAVOY Pictures followed by a long and award winning stint at HOME BOX OFFICE where highlights included an Emmy for Ernest Gaines’ A LESSON BEFORE DYING.

Scouting books for film is like sitting in the most fabulous catbird seat, not prisoner to any particular genre and not prey to any shelf space at the bookstore. Learning how to find new stories and adapt them for the screen gave me a slightly different perspective on how to sell books to publishers. In 2010, I decided to build a seat of my own, introducing great writers first to publishers and then, not as an afterthought but as part of a coordinated plan, pursue film, television and internet opportunities.

I continue to be interested in all kinds of books but tend to be compelled by work that features characters that I cannot shake.

I challenge authors to make me laugh or cry and you will have certainly won me over by doing both. I love the twists and turns of a great page-turner, can be seduced by a truly honest memoir and am delighted when transported by historical fiction.

Regarding non-fiction: cookbooks and lifestyle are a particular area of interest but I can be compelled to consider almost any subject that is honest and thoughtful.

We work with co-agents in every territory and join forces with Hollywood agencies to broker film and television rights. At this time, we are not representing children’s picture books or work composed for the stage or screen.

General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Juvenile fiction, Biography, Business/investing/finance, History, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Cookbooks, Children's books, Sports
The Balaboosta Way by Einat Admony /Artisan Books
Deeply Supefircial by Michael Menzies/ Magnus Books
Pretty Amy by LIsa Burstein/ Entangled Publishing
Submissions by either email or mail are regarded equally. Send to:

Please do send us a wonderful, well-constructed query letter that describes your work.

Be sure to include the words QUERY and a title of your work in the subject line.

Fiction: Send a query letter, a brief synopsis and the first twenty pages pasted into the body of the email.

Non-Fiction: Send a query letter and brief synopsis. Tell us why you are writing this book and where it fits in the marketplace.

Please make the following obvious:
Contact Information
Email address, mailing address, phone number
Has anyone specific suggested that you contact Fine Literary?
Referred By (If applicable.)
Your publishing / academic history. (Your CV is crucial to marketing non-fiction. Please do include it.)

Be patient: we are glad to have the opportunity to see so many new submissions and although we wish we could respond to them all, we are a new agency and, for now, must go the “don’t call us–we will call you route” of response. If you haven’t heard from us within one month, you can assume that we don’t see how we can help you.

Feel free to query us again with your next book.