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writer, editor :
Susan Baracco
Cerchia, Inc

I am a passionate advocate for women and believe that putting your stories into words is a powerful tool for change.

A few of the things I help women authors do:

-organize their ideas, stories, and content

-outline their book

-stick to a writing schedule to meet a deadline

-bring a fresh set of eyes to what they have written through manuscript editing and assessment

-write their manuscript for them

-complete the book they've dreamed about for years

From first time author to seasoned writer, I've helped women shape their stories into a bucket list book, a career building tool, or a best selling contender.

years experience: 7
Writing, Ghost-writing, Fiction writing, Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing
General fiction, Biography, Business/investing/finance, Religious, Mind/body/spirit
Ghostwriting projects
Pending titles:
Inward is the only way out – nonfiction business leadership – private client (due Fall 2022)
Why Not Me? – memoir – private client (due Fall 2022)
Not Your Typical Day – fiction based on client’s experience - private client (due Winter 2023)
Damaged Goods – fiction based on family history - private client (on hold due to COVID)

Editing projects
Who Will Accompany You? (memoir) – Meg Stafford
Beyond Enough (self-help, thought leadership)- Raquel Eatmon
Third King, and Guardian Angel (fiction) – Brian Campbell
Forest Bathing with Your Dog (self-help) – Nadine Mazzola
Lifescaping (self-help) – Monique Allen

The Woman Who Saved Me (memoir) - Raquel Eatmon
Like Pebbles in Water (fiction) - Laurie Roy
Waxwing (fiction) – Kara McGehee