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agent :
Melissa Sarver White
Folio Literary Management

What I love most about being an agent is finding new voices that can express something in a fresh way or new subject matter that makes me view the world differently, whether it’s through fiction or non-fiction. One of the most thrilling aspects of my job is the constant exposure to a wide variety of topics; it’s truly thrilling to play a part ushering innovative projects into the world.

In addition to representing authors, I am the Director of International Rights at Folio and attend all the major international book fairs, keeping my finger on the pulse of what's working in book markets worldwide.


YA: contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, historical, magical realism, thrillers, issue books
I love quirky, humorous writing in contemporary YA, and always looking for something with a strong hook (whether it’s a sweeping sci-fi trilogy, or a contemporary story of friendship and first love). I will always get excited about strong sense of voice and writing that packs an emotional punch, like Sara Zarr’s STORY OF A GIRL. I also enjoy lighter fare like ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS. My YA taste runs much lighter, fun and romancy than adult fiction.

MG and Chapter Books: mainly contemporary stories that have a classic, evergreen feel to them. I’m not the right agent for your animal-narrated or adventure MG.

ADULT: I represent very select adult fiction titles and live for dark, raw voices that make me see the world in a new way. I love to get lost in anything that teaches me about another place and time through the lens of the character. Some of my favorite non-client authors are Michael Chabon, Nicole Krauss, Graham Swift, Margaret Atwood, Barbara Kingsolver, Abraham Verghese, and Tana French.

NON-FICTION: I represent a wide variety of NF and looking for authors with a very strong platform along with a fresh idea and expertise in the area they propose to write a book. I’m actively looking for projects in the following areas:

*Cookbooks and food writing (including food history)
*Memoir (especially those that have a sociological, historical, anthropological or research-based component)

The narrative NF and memoir I work on features strong voice and prose that reads like a novel, that aren’t just about the author’s personal story but one that uses that story as a springboard for a larger story about a place or an event that has deeper resonance.

Due to the volume I receive, I'll reply within 6 weeks if I am interested.

General fiction, Suspense/thriller, Juvenile fiction, Business/investing/finance, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Lifestyle, Cookbooks, Children's books, Science
Todd Henry, Jessica Taylor, Kim Culbertson, Tessa Huff, Jessie Sholl, Jennifer Longo, Emily Bliss
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