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agent :
Rebecca Eskildsen
Writers House

Writers House was founded in 1973 and has since become one of the largest full-service literary agencies in the world. We pride ourselves on providing an extraordinary amount of individual client attention, combined with the benefits of full foreign rights, subsidiary rights, and contracts departments. We house an accounting department equipped to provide forensic royalty and financial analysis. Our goal is to maximize the value of our clients' work by providing hands-on editorial and marketing advice, as well as leading the way in branding, licensing, and selling film/TV, foreign, audio, dramatic and serial rights.

I joined Writers House in 2017, supporting Merrilee Heifetz with all her clients' needs. Under Merrilee's guidance, I've worked closely with a range of incredible authors, including Neil Gaiman, the Estate of Octavia E. Butler, Alexandra Bracken, Beth Revis, Melissa Marr, Ellen Datlow, Kristen Orlando, Amanda Panitch, Allyson Dahlin, and Robin McKinley. Prior to my time at Writers House, I was part of the foreign rights department at JABberwocky Literary Agency, and before that, I spent two years as a bookseller.

I am actively growing my list of middle grade, young adult, and adult books.


*Across the board, I’m looking to elevate LGBTQ+ and BIPOC voices, among other underrepresented narratives.*

Middle grade: I’m looking for a range of fiction, from fun adventure stories to contemporary books that make kids feel seen. Mostly I want to see fresh, engaging voices, with a sense of humor and a strong emotional core. I'm eager to see characters grappling with shifts in their family, stories about immigrants or immigration, MG with queer characters, and stories that shine a light on mental health.

Young adult: I’m open to nearly any YA submissions, but I'm particularly eager to see high-concept rom coms, emotional character studies, explorations of friendships or toxic relationships, and lyrical, grounded fantasy. Bring me your ambitious girls and your funny, slow-burn romances.

Adult: I’d like to work with contemporary rom coms and young Millennial/Gen Z coming-of-age stories. I'm also looking for sagas about families or friends, especially deconstructions of uncomfortable modern cultural dynamics.

If you feel we'd be a good fit, please see my submission guidelines below. I'm excited to hear from you.

General fiction, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Children's books, Middle grade, Young adult, Contemporary romance, Speculative
Thank you for thinking of me! Please send a personalized query letter and the first 15 pages of your manuscript, pasted in the body of your email, to reskildsen[at]writershouse[dot]com. The subject line should read “Query [genre] [TITLE].” If you have a website or social media handle to share, I’d love to see it. Please include any other information you feel is relevant! I aim to respond to queries within 8 weeks.

Please note that you may only query ONE agent at Writers House at a time. If I pass, you're welcome to query another Writers House agent.