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agent :
Paige Terlip
Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Paige Terlip represents all categories of children’s books from picture books to young adult, as well as select adult fiction and nonfiction. She is also actively building her list of illustrators and is especially looking for author-illustrators and graphic novel illustrators.

Across age categories, Paige is drawn to high concept novels with captivating hooks, snarky characters with hearts of gold, creative magic systems, complicated relationships, and found families. She loves well-plotted twists, being a little bit scared, and stories that explore the fluidity of gender and bring queer experiences to light. Regardless of genre, she is seeking inclusive, intersectional voices and gorgeous line-level writing with emotionally compelling narratives.

On the adult side she is open to thrillers/psychological suspense, fantasy/sci-fi, upmarket fiction, cozy mysteries, as well as narrative nonfiction and self-help that centers the mind, body, and spirit. She loves stories that make her feel a range of emotions, even if that means she ugly cries while reading. She wants a narrative that will stick with her long after reading.

Prior to becoming an Associate Agent, Paige was a Senior Assistant for Executive Agent Laura Rennert, and has been with ABLA for over three years. She comes to agenting with a background in marketing, design, and freelance editorial. She’s worked at Charlesbridge Publishing, The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and a ranch in the Rockies. She has an MA in Children's Literature and an MFA in Writing for Children from Simmons University. If she’s not reading, you'll find her practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, re-watching the Great British Baking Show, or hiking with her Husky-Shepherd mix.

You can find her on Twitter @pterlip and Instagram @pterlip. For more wishlist information visit:


About The Andrea Brown Literary Agency
The Andrea Brown Literary Agency Inc. has been in business since 1981, and was the first agency to represent both writers and illustrators. We have sold thousands of books, and have made deals with every major trade publisher and most of the small independent publishers. Writers Digest Magazine named us one of the top twenty-five literary agencies taking on new talent. We represent clients at all stages of their careers; from first time writers and illustrators to established, best-selling and award-winning authors and illustrators with many published books to their credit.

As a mid-size literary agency celebrating more than thirty years in the publishing business, we bring the best of both worlds to the table: the personal client attention of a small agency and the clout of a larger one. We invest a great deal of care in each project and each client. We devise a strategy at every stage of the writing process, from conception, to editorial, to publication, that is tailored to the client and will enable us to find the best publisher for his or her books. We are seeking long-term relationships with writers and illustrators whose careers we can develop and whose talent we can foster.

Our agents have backgrounds in New York publishing, editing, academia, bookselling, business, teaching, and film, and one of our strengths as an agency is that we work collaboratively. Our clients have the benefit not only of their individual agent's expertise but also the benefit of the combined experience and vision of the group.

We're looking for fresh, different, and new. As a largely West Coast based agency, we follow in a tradition of West Coast innovation in our passion for discovering new voices and sparking new trends. We're a part of the NY-centered publishing world but also cultivate the advantage of an insider's/outsider's perspective. We have access, standing, and visibility but also think outside the box. Our agents make regular trips to New York, attend industry conventions, and participate as faculty at writers' conferences all over the country. We ensure a high profile for our clients and keep our fingers on the pulse of publishing.

Our agency runs the Big Sur Children's Writing Workshop and the Big Sur Cape Cod Workshop. For more information, go to our website:

General fiction, Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Mind/body/spirit, Travel, Lifestyle, Children's books, Graphic Novels, Young Adult/Teen Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction
We handle film and performance rights and foreign rights, and have an established network of co-agents with whom we work.
Andrea Brown, President
Laura Rennert, Executive Agent
Caryn Wiseman, Executive Agent
Jennifer Laughran, Senior Agent
Jennifer Rofé, Senior Agent
Kelly Sonnack, Senior Agent
Jamie Weiss Chilton, Senior Agent
Jennifer Mattson, Agent
Kathleen Rushall, Agent
Lara Perkins, Agent
Saritza Hernández, Agent
Jennifer March Soloway, Associate Agent
Jemiscoe Chambers-Black, Associate Agent
Paige Terlip, Associate Agent
Alison Nolen, Agency Administrator
Taryn Fagerness, Foreign Rights Manager
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