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publisher :
Lynn Price
Behler Publications

Since 2003, our nonfiction books have been about going from ordinary to extraordinary. We publish personal journeys with socially relevant themes: stories about everyday people who end up doing extraordinary things due to a pivotal event that alters their perspective about life.

As a psych/sociology major from back in the early Jurassic Era, I’m intrigued with how people react to challenges. Face it; life is challenging, and we like tapping into stories about people who persevere against all odds; stories that make us think, make us better people, and make us remember those stories long after finishing their book. I call it “scratching my soul.” And that’s what our books do.

Behler Publications produces nonfiction that appeal to those who enjoy works of personal introspection with social relevance. 50,000 word minimum.

Send query letter - EMAIL ONLY. US/Canada residents only, please. For further details, please click here.

Get It Write Series
Additionally, we seek topics that writers would find helpful during their research phase - a one-stop research shopping for the writer. A few examples are:

* Law
* Law Enforcement
* Fire Dept.
* Medical
If you're a professional whose job is one writers need research on and you're a fellow writer, we'd love to hear from you.

years experience: 18
Biography, Health, Lifestyle, Writer's reference, Memoirs
* JAN'S STORY: LOVE LOST TO THE LONG GOODBYE OF ALZHEIMER'S CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen tells the moving story of his beloved wife's descent into Early Onset Alzheimer's. Denver Post bestseller

* The Chicken Who Saved Us: The Remarkable Story of Andrew and Frightful - by Kristin Jarvis Adams (Nonfiction) - With words limited by autism, Andrew lives in a fantastic world where chickens talk and superheroes come alive. But when he tells his pet chicken Frightful that his body is trying to kill him, it launches Andrew’s family and an entire medical community into a decade-long quest for answers. Gold Medal IPPY Winner

“Heartbreakingly beautiful—the gift of the human-animal bond.”
-TEMPLE GRANDIN, author of Animals in Translation

* Four Days With Kenny Tedford: Life Through the Eyes of a Child Trapped in a Partially Blind & Deaf Man's Body - Paul Smith and Kenny Tedford - Kenny Tedford was born with brain damage that left him with the intellectual ability of a 4th grader, deaf in both ears, legally blind in one eye, partial paralysis on his left side, and difficulty speaking until the age of ten — a remarkable combination of Helen Keller and Forrest Gump.

* You Let Some GIRL Beat You? The Story of Ann Meyers Drysdale - Ann Meyers Drysdale with Joni Ravenna, Foreword by Julius "Dr. J" Erving
A female first in many categories, Meyers Drysdale was the first woman ever signed to a four-year athletic scholarship to UCLA, where she remains the only four-time Bruin basketball All American, male or female. Ann competed in five ABC Sports' Superstars, winning three in a row for the women. She became the only woman to be asked to compete in the Men's Superstars.

* KTLA's News At Ten: Sixty Years with Stan Chambers - by Stan Chambers - LA Times Bestseller (Nonfiction)
Multiple Emmy winner for broadcast journalism, KTLA’s Stan Chambers highlights his sixty year career in front of the camera with stories such as his exclusive break of the Rodney King beating, the Watts riots and the first televised atomic bomb blast in Yucca Flat, Nevada in 1952.

* The War of the Rosens (fiction) by Janice Eidus -
"a ruefully funny, wickedly observant take on urban angst."
-Publisher’s Weekly

"Playfully iconoclastic, unconventionally conventional, meticulously tuned to myriad voices and social registers."
-Bloomsbury Review

"Distinguished by irony, intelligence, and unexpected moments of tenderness."
-Kirkus Reviews

* Body Trauma: A Writer's Guide to Wounds and Injuries (David Page, M.D.) - IPPY Silver Medal Winner

* Donovan's Paradigm (Lynn Price) - Gold Medal IPPY Winner

Fred Price, Publisher,
Lynn Price, Editorial Director, lynn@behlerpublications,