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publicity/marketing, consultant :
Peter Knox
Book Highlight
219 36th St. Box 25/ Ground Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11232 US
347-395-2990 (mobile)
Peter Knox, presenting at a recent innovation workshop

Currently at Book Highlight:

I consult, advocate for, and support authors throughout the publication process, from proposal through pub date and beyond, with expertise in maximizing the opportunity that comes with launching a book. I work to tell their story through their book, building their platform and establishing their brand in the process. Here's more:

Previously at Wiley (13.5 years):

Partner with editors and their authors to then collaborate closely with global teams in sales, publicity, channel marketing, and marketing services, in bringing new books/products to market, launch successfully at retail, and build then sustain that momentum.

Conceive and execute trade book marketing campaigns by working closely with authors, agents, sales, publicity, editorial, production, events, and retailers to maximize and leverage every opportunity at launch starting with title/sub/cover design/price/packaging/date; manage brand social media as well as that of our books and authors through our many platforms; secure title specific and category clusters promotions as well as company-wide cross promotional partnerships with retailers, third party brands and companies; manage and maintain the marketing budget for the US, UK, and Australia spend to support ~150 new business books published each year.

Specialties: Author Education, Bestseller Campaign Strategy, Promotional Materials, Booth Management, Online Marketing, Catalog Production, Cover Design, Sales Materials, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Advertising Strategy

years experience: 14
Business/investing/finance, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Lifestyle, Cookbooks, Sports
"Peter is a relationship builder. Some things that stand out for me is his honesty and reliability. He tells you the truth, even when it would be more convenient to avoid. Peter always gets back with you, returning calls and emails when it would be easier to make an excuse of being too busy or "it escaped in my junk file." Honesty and reliability are rare qualities in today's fast-paced me-centered world. I always enjoy the work when Peter is on the team." - Marlene Chism, Author

"Peter is a great person to have on your "Wiley team". As an author, I appreciate how Peter always went "above and beyond" his normal duties after my book came out. As a radio talk show host, I also appreciate the same " above and beyond" work ethic he has in helping me get the books I want well ahead of interviewing the author(s) on my show. More simply put- Peter Knox is someone you'd like to know." - Mark Amtower, Author & Radio Host

"Peter is one of my go-to people in the field of social media. He's resourceful, flexible, and up to most any challenge. He's one of the few people I've ever worked with who is not afraid to stand up to the silos that so often define a workplace. More than that, I know when I work with Peter, we're going to get a lot done, and have a lot of fun in the process." - Ellen Gerstein, Head of Content & Employee Advocacy at Pfizer

At Book Highlight we practice discretion with our clients by default and understand the power of offering white label services and support.
We aim to keep the spotlight and highlight on the client and their work, but have permission to feature a few here:
Franchise Authors at Wiley that I supported as marketing manager: Jon Gordon, Patrick Lencioni, David Meerman Scott, Jeb Blount, Scott Stratten, Ann Handley, Alex Osterwalder, and more
Companies and Brands that I worked with at Wiley: Ernest & Young, Hubspot, Dogfish Head, Bulleit, Miller Heiman, Strategyzer, Drift, Table Group, and more.
Innovation Finalist at Wiley
LUMA Institute Certified Practitioner
Haddock Prize recipient for Publishing Excellence