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agent :
Nicole Geiger
Full Circle Literary
3268 Governor Drive #323, San Diego, CA 92122 US

Full Circle Literary is a full-service literary agency representing a diverse and inclusive family of authors & artists whose books break barriers and stand the test of time. Full Circle has a longstanding commitment to representation of all voices in publishing. It was in our founding documents and is the fabric of our agency. Our team has diverse experience in book publishing including editorial, marketing, publicity, legal and rights, which we use collectively to build careers and community.

We work with both award-winning veteran and debut writers and illustrators, and our agents have a knack for finding and developing new and diverse talent. Each of our authors and illustrators offer a unique point of view that makes our world – and bookshelves – a rewarding place to live. Visit our Who We Represent pages to learn more about our amazing Illustrators, Picture Book, Middle Grade/Young Adult and Adult Fiction/Nonfiction writers.

For more information and a description of the types of work we are actively interested in representing, we invite you to visit our website

Juvenile fiction, Children's books, Graphic novels, Illustration, Board through middle grade only
A-M-O-R SPELLS L-O-V-E by Michael Genhart; illustrated by John Parra (Holiday House/Neal Porter Books, 2023)
CABARET MACABRE by Mercedes Acosta (PRH/Dial, 2023)
ROCK YOUR MOCS by Laurel Goodluck, illustrated by Madelyn Goodnight (Harper/Heartdrum, 2022)
A GRANDMA'S MAGIC by Charlotte Offsay, illustrated by Asa Gilland (PRH/Doubleday, Winter 2022)
THE BIG BEACH CLEANUP by Charlotte Offsay, illustrated by Katie Rewse (Albert Whitman, March 2021)
Nicole Geiger has more than thirty years experience working in publishing in a variety of roles and is known as an editorial agent. In addition to agenting, Nicole is a consultant to publishers, acquiring and producing for independent presses. As VP and Publisher of Ten Speed Press/Tricycle Press then VP and Publisher of Random House/Tricycle Press, Nicole was the primary acquirer and directed the production and marketing of up to 30 children’s titles yearly. At Tricycle Press, she edited and art directed such children’s books talents as Marissa Moss, Elisa Kleven, Mollie Katzen, Dan San Souci, Frank Remkiewicz, Ashley Wolff, and David Schwartz.
Foreign rights represented by Taryn Fagerness Agency
Film/TV/Video/Audio rights: we work with a variety of cogents, please email
Our Full Circle Literary Team:
Stefanie Von Borstel
Adriana Dominguez
Lilly Ghahremani
Taylor Martindale Kean
FCL Submission Guidelines: FCL is open to submissions via QueryManager only. Please visit our website for up to date submissions information and guidelines.

As a professional courtesy, please alert us if there is a status change in your project such as an offer of representation, as we'd love to have the opportunity to review your work.

Thank you for considering Full Circle Literary, we look forward to reading!