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editorial services :
Marco Palmieri

Developmental Editing: Story, voice, characters, worlds.
• Speculative fiction
• Narrative games
• Audio dramas
• Other media

years experience: 20+
Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing, Line-editing
Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Narrative games, Audio dramas
“Marco is sharp-eyed, insightful, conscientious, and wise—an editor of exceptional skill and an ideal ally in the fight to take a manuscript from ‘just there’ to just right.” —Max Gladstone, author of the Craft Sequence

“As a writer, what you need first and foremost from an editor is a combination of the following elements: honesty, knowledge, directness, integrity. You need a partner, a cheerleader, a collaborator, and I was lucky enough to find an editor who had all these qualities when I started working with Marco Palmieri.” —James Swallow, author of the Marc Dane series

"Marco Palmieri has a sharp eye for picking out fresh new talent. He's also not afraid to take chances on stories and writers that don't fit in the same tired old categories. His name is on any number of strange, diverse, and label-defying books from a plethora of talented authors, my own included." —Brooke Bolander, author of The Only Harmless Great Thing

“Marco is brilliant at finding the possibilities inherent in a piece of writing. Instead of trying to drive a book toward his own vision, he meets every story on its own terms, discovers the best elements in each scene and character—often elements lying dormant or unnoticed—and helps to bring those to the surface. He has helped me transform routine secondary characters into unforgettable scene-stealers, and hum-drum set pieces into surprising developments. He does all of this while managing to keep a clear view of the whole novel, the themes and character arcs, the major dramatic beats and subtle emotional rhythms that are the breath and blood of every story. My books would not be what they are without his wide-ranging perspective, keen insight, and gentle guidance.” —Brian Staveley, author of The Emperor's Blades

“It was a delight to work with an editor who picked up the vision and direction of my story right away, saw how it could be coaxed farther in that direction, and identified other sources for me to read and watch that helped make the final story much more than it would have been. What's unnecessary to mention to anyone who knows Marco is that he has also been unfailingly courteous and kind to me.” —E. Lily Yu, author of The White-Throated Transmigrant

“As co-founder of Tor Labs, Marco's vision for what Steal The Stars could be was at that time unprecedented: a 14-part fiction podcast miniseries featuring over 30 performers and an accompanying novelization. The sheer number of moving parts would've daunted anyone. But Marco loves trying new things—like bringing theater and publishing together—and he knew we could pull it off. Marco helped oversee the Steal The Stars process with an editorial approach that was equal parts detail-oriented and joyful, and the success of the project—and the great time we had making it—are testament to that.” —Mac Rogers, award-winning writer of the audio dramas Steal the Stars; The Message; LifeAfter

“Marco is a fantastic editor—taking a firm guiding hand when necessary while letting the authors' own voices have a chance to breathe.” —Julian Yap, Publisher, Serial Box

“Marco guided my book from raw draft to bookstore shelves. His precise suggestions on craft and structure helped me find the right shape for the story, and his instinct for storytelling saved the life of a vital character who had more stories to tell. Writing full time is the dream Marco helped make a reality.” —Seth Dickinson, author of The Traitor Baru Cormorant

2011-2018: Senior Editor at Tor Books, Forge Books, Publishing; Co-founder, Tor Labs
2008-2011: Freelance Editor
1996-2008: Senior Editor at Simon & Schuster
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