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editorial services :
Michael Lewis
Mike the editor

Need help with your writing? Contact Mike the editor. I've worked in book publishing for 30 years, for both large and small publishers, public and private. I started in marketing/sales/promotion, and for the last 23 or so years, I have been an acquisitions editor. All told, I have acquired 500+ books, and I did what I could to help every one of those books be a success. I have also written 13 books (#14 on the way). I know the business of publishing and I can help you be successful.

What are your publishing / writing / editing needs?
* Proposal Development - Do you have an idea for a book? Let me help you put together a pitch and help you send it to interested agents and editors.
* Platform development - Wondering how you might increase exposure for your book? Let's talk about how you can use your connections and experiences to spread the word about YOU and put more eyeballs on your content.
* Branding - While an editor at For Dummies, one of publishing's most successful brands, I learned the value of working within a brand setting. Let me help you build and exploit your brand.
* Manuscript development - I've helped hundreds of authors over the years to bring their ideas to fruition. Allow me to use my expertise to tailor your material to your audience and garner the sales results you're looking for.
* Ghostwriting - Do you have content you want to develop into a book? Let me help you write, develop, and put together a winning product.
* Corporate Communications - Do you need help with your newsletters, website content, public relations, promotional material? I can help you provide the most effective message.

Writing Coach For Students - I can help you develop your voice and bring out the best in your writing
I will help prospective college students develop and write their college admissions essay. I won't write your essay for you, but I'll do even better: I'll help you write an essay that will help the admissions department know more about you, and also help you to improve your writing in college and in life.

Earning a BA degree in Communications, and beginning my career in marketing and promotion, has helped me tremendously as an editor. I always keep the reader in mind. Give Mike the editor a try!

years experience: 30
rates: Free consultation, free estimate. Let's discuss your needs and see how I can help!
Developmental editing, Proposal writing/editing, Research, Book Doctor, Line-editing, Writing, Ghost-writing, Copywriting
Reference, Biography, Business/investing/finance, History, Religious, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Cookbooks, Sports, Science, Pop culture, Music, Entertainment
"Mike Lewis brings to the table years of editorial experience both as a successful editor and as an author with over 13 books now published. He is a skilled wordsmith who will help you immensely. I can recommend Mike highly." - Dean Karrel, Former SVP Sales, Wiley

"Mike has been my editor on more books than I can count, plus he and I have written together as co-authors, most notably on The 100 Best Beatles Songs and our forthcoming title Elton John: Fifty Years On. If you need editorial help of any kind, Mike the Editor is your man. The publishing environment today is beyond challenging and one mistake can screw up your chances of getting a book deal or an agent to represent you. Mike will make sure you're squared away before you show your stuff to the pros. I highly recommend him and his services. As I write this, I am in the midst of implementing Mike's editorial changes to our new Elton book, including one I can't believe I missed. That's what it's all about, my friends. After all, Mr. Carson would never put out unpolished silverware, right?" - Stephen Spignesi, author of more than 50 titles

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