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writer :
Mikaila Mack

My name is Mikaila Simone Mack. I just recently finished my second book of poetry and prose, entitled, "returning home." I have written a two books in a three part poetry series. After I am done with poetry, I plan on writing fiction. Here is the summary for my recent work.

returning home (22,422):
returning home is a collection of poetry and prose that delves into the depths of what it means to heal. In her second poetry novel, Mikaila Simone Mack pens pieces that explore different rooms of a home: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and garden. Each room describes a different place in the healing journey: depression, releasing, anger, and acceptance. the pieces in the book reflect different aspects of love, trauma, and mental and spiritual wellness. A companion piece to Mikaila's first poetry book, lovely, deadly, black, returning home was written in the hopes to help aid readers on their continued healing journey. Read this collection of poetry and allow yourself to transmute your own struggles into healing and acceptance.

About Me: I am a black female writer who has always been drawn to writing poetry. I am 28 years old. I've been writing seriously since middle school. Last year, I went viral from a few spoken word poems I wrote and performed on my social media (TikTok: 51,000+ followers - @mikailaisawesome). I received comments asking me to write a book and it put the fire under me to get my first book written. Other than writing, I enjoy performing and expressing myself through other forms of art - painting, acting, and dance.

Excerpt from returning home:

the front door opens itself to so many possibilities:

marble floors.

stone arch.

high ceiling foyer.

but I built my house of

brick and bone.

grout and grief.

mortar and mortality.

I made the walls out of ribs.

a bed out of tongue.

a roof out of spine.

the skeleton of my home vibrates when I speak.

maybe now, I can finally be heard.


Thank you for reading.

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returning home.
lovely, deadly, black