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William Michael Day

Hello world!

My name is Michael Day. I am a USMC combat veteran of the Iraq war with degrees from Columbia University and Northwestern University and have traveled to 55 countries and 49 states. I've worked in multiple artistic mediums as a spoken word poet, producer, screenplay writer, field producer, camera assistant, camera operator, photographer, and short-form fiction writer. In November of 2021, I completed my first novel manuscript and am looking for an agent to represent me. Below you will find a brief explanation of why I think an agent will find great value in my manuscript. The manuscript is ready for consideration.

My manuscript is a culmination of 18 years of personal experience as a combat veteran of this nation and an additional seven years of personal research through volunteering, civic engagement, and involvement in the veteran's artistic community. The reason for the length of time required to write this book will become evident as you get to know Albert, the protagonist. His journey was my journey in a lot of respects. A lot of his hurdles were my hurdles as I came to understand my involvement with the war. I draw from my personal experiences of war and the subsequent quest to return to normalcy. All the people I have met, broken bread with, and cried with have contributed to the voice of this narrative.

In addition to a story crafted through experience, I also explore taboo themes for the stereotypical war narrative, drawing on my interactions with fellow combat veterans through Warrior Writers and About Face.
Through the death of friends, to a suicide attempt, through my experience in an inpatient PTSD program, and braving the chaotic nature of NYC for thirteen years, I have been able to develop characters and a plot that should resonate with both veterans and non-veterans alike.

Completing this book makes me think that maybe, all of my trauma had a purpose. It makes me believe there was a reason that I suffered, perhaps so that I could tell the world a story.

It is my sincere belief that I have crafted a product that will find great utility in the hands of its readers. I have attempted to create a story that will present nuance, that lovely grey area that most veterans find themselves living in. In a black and white dichotomy on war, this novel offers a counter-narrative, a thorough examination of the horrors of conflict, and the potential to lift fellow combat veterans and their family members above the fray. And if you think for one single second that a war narrative is a narrowly focused narrative that only applies to those that served, I would remind the reader that no one escapes life without trauma. While the trauma of war may be different than other forms of trauma, we all are stuck in life from our past actions at some point.

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My novel, Deathnotes, is ready for consideration.
I co-produced a short film called Tango on the Balcony ( I was a field producer and camera operator on RoadTrip Nation's The Next Mission ( This documentary followed three vets across 15 states as they interviewed people in the fields of employment that they hope to work in. I served as a consultant for a newly released film; This Is Not a War Story ( Additionally, I have contributed to several films with skills ranging from camera operator to camera assistant. Here is the link for my IMDB page (
My first novel, Deathnotes, is complete and ready for consideration.
I spent approximately six years with Warrior Writers, an organization that helps transitioning veterans hone their craft and provides opportunities to create content through workshops. I traveled around the US, participating in and facilitating workshops. I also performed my stand-up poetry at a variety of venues across the Northeast. My poetry and short-form prose were published in multiple Warrior Writer anthologies. I helped create the Warrior Writers NYC chapter, helped edit the collections, and worked on grants for Warrior Writers.