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writer :
Matthew D. Smith
Aelvi: The Union Saga

I am a writer, storyteller, and artist who plays an engineer everyday 9 to 5. My first literary offering, THE UNION SAGA, is a beautiful contemporary fantasy of ambitious scope that stands apart in the crowded YA market. Weighted with realism and heart, THE UNION SAGA, delivers sweeping landscapes and dramatic fantasy all firmly rooted in themes of love and family. Not your teen drama, triangular, fleeting kind of love; but real love, in every transcendent, romantic, and rarified notion. For, only a love such as this, could carry Morgan and Andalynn through the cataclysmic union of two Earths and the war that would define a new amalgamated world

For millions of years, our Earth was dimensionally split into two distinct spheres; one of Man and one of Dyers (sentient descendants of dinosaurs). Both were now failing. To preserve the potential of life, the two would become one. In the terrible Union, much of both worlds would be lost. What remained would write the destiny of a new Earth, be it one of light or of darkness. UNION, part one of the series, follows Morgan as he began his senior year of High School. It started with a vision of a girl of fire… literally, she walked amidst the bustling hallway burning as an alabaster sun. Andalynn entered his life as a catalyst of heart; she was his missing piece, long since forgotten. Destiny pulled at Morgan in more ways than one, and eventually led him to Aelvi, a benevolent Dyer from Earth’s sister world, and keeper of the light. The world altering Union was upon them. Morgan had two days to save Andalynn and her family, as well as his own apathetic parents. With every faculty he possessed, he had to get them into the cave before the darkness fell, or all hope would be lost.

I am an engineer by trade, an Air Force veteran, and an intensely creative person. My life has been a collage of unique adventures, cultural exposures, and scientific study; all of which, enrich the worlds I’ve created in story. My greatest qualification to write this incredible tale, is I, like Morgan, am one of the few to win fates lottery having found find my soul mate in High School. I have experienced first-hand the transformative power of true love, as it has carried me through life’s journey. The Union Saga is a fantasy that can be taken seriously, for so much of it is written from experience.

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Writing, Fiction writing
Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction
I am currently engaged in a five book Contemporary Fantasy YA series, The Union Saga. The first three books are complete, the last two are fully developed and are being written. I have another series in development with a unique blending of YA contemporary fantasy and graphic novel. Additionally, I have a Middle Grade adventure series awaiting attention.
Air Force Fighter Jet Technician, Professional Mechanical Engineer, Community Youth Leader and Speaker, Military Veteran with Honors, Artist, Father.
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