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Hunted: The Union Saga Part Two
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writer :
Mathias Invictus
Luminade Publishing
Catalyst: The Union Saga Part One

Catalyst: The Union Saga Part One

Small-town boy falls for a girl… just as the world is about to end. If they survive, the fate of all beings from two Earths rest on his shoulders.

The saga begins the first day of Morgan’s senior year with a vision of a girl of fire . . . literally. Andalynn appears among the bustling hallway, wreathed in roaring white flames as if an alabaster sun. She enters Morgan’s life as a catalyst of heart . . . his missing piece; the manifestation of a connection beyond time and recall.

The awakening of his soul proves only the beginning; something is wrong with the world around him, and a haunting presence pulls him toward an unimaginable fate. In a hidden cave, high on the slopes of his beloved mountain, he meets Aelvi, a benevolent Dyer from Earth’s sister world. This strange dragon-like being reveals a staggering truth.

For millions of years, our Earth was dimensionally split into two distinct spheres; one of Man and one of Dyers (sentient descendants of dinosaurs). Both are now failing; one from a diminished population, ravaged by war and conflict, and the other from an overabundant population of apathetic and selfish souls. To preserve the potential of life, the two must again become one; the cataclysmic Union.

Morgan has two days to convince Andalynn and her family, as well as his own apathetic parents, to climb to the safety of the cave before the darkness falls, or they will be lost, along with the hopes of all free species. For, in the coming conflict to decide the definition of this new Earth, be it unto light or consumed in darkness, Morgan is the key to defeating the rising tides of shadow.

Catalyst represents the first installment of an ambitious contemporary fantasy series. This truly original offering stands apart in the crowded YA marketplace with an inimitable premise delivered with a rare blend of romance meets epic fantasy. Catalyst and Hunted (The Union Saga Part Two) are completed, illustrated, and fully print ready in paperback, hardback, and EPUB formats; although they have not been released for publication. They do have copywrite and ISBN’s in place. Awakening is fully written but undergoing revision and illustration. Books four and five are entirely developed, but not yet written.

Check out my website at, select the Explore tab to view my illustrations from the printed books, as well as sketches I used in the development of the series. An extensive marketing plan has been established for this series and can be outlined upon request.

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Writing, Fiction writing
Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction
I am currently engaged in a five book Contemporary Fantasy YA series, The Union Saga. The first three books are complete, the last two are fully developed and are being written. I have another series in development with a unique blending of YA contemporary fantasy and graphic novel. Additionally, I have a Middle Grade adventure series awaiting attention.
Air Force Fighter Jet Technician, Professional Mechanical Engineer, Community Youth Leader and Speaker, Military Veteran with Honors, Artist, Father.