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editorial services, freelance editor :
Mary-Theresa Hussey
Good Stories Well Told

During her 25 years at Harlequin, Mary-Theresa Hussey worked on titles covering the genres of category romance, paranormal, fantasy, urban fantasy, young adult, romantic suspense and more. In addition to acquiring dozens of first time authors--including NYT bestselling authors Rachel Vincent and Maria V. Snyder--she edited NYT bestsellers for Michelle Sagara and Mercedes Lackey. She has edited titles on the USA TODAY list from Stella Bagwell, and Laurie Paige. She has also worked with authors Linda Winstead Jones, Laura Anne Gilman, Aimee Carter, Jordan Dane, Amelia Autin, C.E. Murphy, Sarah Beth Durst, Rinda Elliot, Addison Fox, Robin D. Owens, Allison Van Diepen, Sandra Paul and Jodi O'Donnell.

Since starting up her own business, she has worked with Kim Karr, Kylie Brant, Diana Fraser, K.V. Horvath, Laney McMann and others.

In 2015 she was awarded the Vivian Stephens Industry Professional award from the Romance Writers of America. Over the years she's also won the Helping Hands Award, Editor of the Year, and has worked on titles that have been nominated for and won the RITA, Kiss of Death, Prism, National Readers Choice and other awards.

years experience: 26
Developmental editing, Line-editing
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction
“Matrice took me from newbie writer to veteran author of 17 books. She’s insightful, thoughtful, kind, and not afraid to tell you to rewrite a book entirely if that’s what it needs."
--C.E. Murphy, author of The Walker Papers

"Mary-Theresa Hussey is a meticulous editor with a sharp eye for effective storytelling, believable character motivation, and genuine emotion. She brings her passion as a lifelong avid reader to her collaborative skills."
-- Jordan Dane, national bestselling author

“Mary-Theresa acquired my very first book--then eighteen more. She showed me on a word-by-word basis how to tighten my prose and on a book-by-book basis how to refine my plot and develop my characters."
--Rachel Vincent, New York Times bestselling author

"Matrice helped me become a better writer, but she had the patience to explain the publishing industry to a newbie. Her thorough edits flagged the weak spots, suggested ways to strengthen the plot, and she never ever let me get away with lazy writing."
--Maria V. Snyder, New York Times bestselling author

“Mary-Theresa is a terrific editor—my books were always improved by her input. She has an unerring eye for what’s not quite right, knows just where things need tweaking, and offers specific, helpful suggestions."
--Amelia Autin, award winning author of the Man on a Mission series

Kim Karr's Tainted Love Duo - Blow & Crush
Kylie Brant's Mindhunters series - Secrets of the Dead, What the Dead Know
K.L. Horvath - The Undays of Aralias Lyon
Laney McMann- Crystallum
Romance Writers of America's Vivian Stephen's Industry Professional Award for 2015

New York University Publishing Course
Taught Romance Writing course at Marymount University, SCE
Helping Hands Award from Orange County RWA
RITA, PRISM, Kiss of Death and National Readers Choice Award nominees and winners

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