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writer :
Mark Oleksiw
Mark Paul Oleksiw, Author

A Memorable and Endearing Coming-of-Age Tale: The Boys Who Danced with the Moon (AVAILABLE)

Can you ever escape the past? Kiran Wells, a mid-30’s professional living on the West Coast, thought he was safe until an anonymous letter arrives from his hometown. Its only contents- an old newspaper clipping about a drowning twenty years earlier. Leaving career and friends behind, Kiran returns to the place of his youth to find the conjurer of his past.

Kiran is a quiet and shy teenager with a taste for alternative music growing up in a suburban northern town during the mid-80's. The arrival of two students, the confident and rebellious Marius and the naive, cloak-wearing Moony, awaken Kiran. On the eve of graduation, fate turns the volume off in Kiran’s world and his memory fades to black.

Returning to his hometown, Kiran is forced to confront the demons that haunt him. His future depends on whatever hope he has left and the life or death decision he must ultimately make. Will he hear the music again?

The Boys Who Danced with the Moon is a coming of age tale of friendship, youth, and love.


Born in the late 60’s, Mark Paul Oleksiw grew up in the suburbs of Montreal hoping to be one of The Three Investigators. Influenced by guitar bands, all things satirical and of course, books that made him wonder, he did manage to graduate from McGill University. Mark still lives in his hometown with his wife, three teenage boys, and cat. And yes, his music is still too loud and he still daydreams a little too often.

The Boys Who Danced with the Moon is his debut novel. You can learn more about Mark and his upcoming novels at or by following him on twitter@markpauloleksiw.

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Writing, Fiction writing
General fiction, Juvenile fiction, Young Adult, Literary fiction
The Boys Who Danced with the Moon: Young Adult Fiction: AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 9th, 2018
Munching on The Sun (Novel 90,000 words): Young Adult Fiction: AVAILABLE SUMMER 2018
Time's Musicians (In progress)
The Boys Who Danced with the Moon (Young Adult Fiction 72,000 words)- AVAILABLE in paperback and kindle!
Munching on the Sun (Young Adult Fiction 90,000 words)- manuscript completed and soon available for pre-order
Editor, University satirical monthly magazine (McGill University)
Lecturer McGill University (7+ years)
Created case studies, exams for over 10 years for McGill University and Canadian Order of Chartered Accountants
Chief Financial Officer, pharma and software industry