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writer :
Kalonji Woods

Fiction-focused writer with one complete novel, a second started, and a collection of short stories and poetry. My projects tend to center around characters and their interaction with the world and each other, with an emphasis on relationships and personal change. I am also pursuing a set of non-fiction projects detailing the rather amazing lives two of women that I've come across in the past few years, with plans to relate one account in both English and Spanish.

I am seeking to publish my novel as well as the short works on their own or as part of another collection/anthology.

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Writing, Fiction writing
General fiction, Romance, Fantasy/science fiction
PERFECTION ON A NIGHT SKY - complete, unpublished fictional work centering around the main character's quest to determine the value of his life outside of what others have attempted to assign to it. What are the consequences of and clarity brought by seeking to know himself on his own terms, outside of the perfectly-shaped life that has been laid out for him? North America, Europe, and hints of Asia set the backdrop for Doran's bid to find his place as he sees it, and the relationships that shape him as he does so. Readers will find themselves going back for seconds as they put together the novel's close and choose for themselves how it ends each time.