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writer :
Kimberly Reid

PERFECT LIARS is a Kirkus Best Teen Book of 2016.

"Reid presents an introspective, morally complex protagonist in Drea as well as an effortlessly diverse supporting cast. Gripping, suspenseful, and refreshingly diverse." Kirkus Reviews

"Reid grounds her story in reality, with a diverse cast (Drea is biracial, Xavier is Korean-American), moral gray areas (involving juvenile offenders, attorneys, cops, and more), and ample consideration of the real-life consequences of the characters’ actions." Publishers Weekly

years experience: 10
Writing, Fiction writing
General fiction, Mystery, Suspense/thriller, Juvenile fiction, Biography, African-American
Mystery Writers of America (MWA)
Children's: Young Adult Kimberly Reid's #PRETTYBOY MUST DIE, pitched as KINGSMEN: THE SECRET SERVICE meets DIE HARD, in which a young, African-American CIA prodigy accidentally becomes an internet sensation (a la #Alexfromtarget and #DamnDaniel), thereby blowing his cover to old and new enemies, to Bess Cozby at Tor Teen, for publication in 2018, by Kristin Nelson at Nelson Literary Agency (World).

Television rights Kim Reid's memoir NO PLACE SAFE, a look at how her childhood was shaped by the search for a serial killer and her cop mother's involvement in the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children Investigation (which captured the nation's attention and ended with the 1982 conviction of Wayne Williams), to Oscar-winning producer John Ridley (12 Years A Slave) and Michael McDonald for ABC Signature Studios, by Kristin Nelson of Nelson Literary Agency with Wayne Alexander of Alexander, Lawrence, Frumes & Labowitz.

Children's: Young Adult Author of the Langdon Prep series, Kimberly Reid's PERFECT LIARS, in which an overachieving prep school girl from a successful con artist family gets a tutoring job at a transition school for juvenile delinquents and becomes the leader of the teen crew after she convinces them to use their criminal skills for good, to Stacy Whitman at Tu Books, for publication in early 2016, in a nice deal, by Kristin Nelson at Nelson Literary Agency (NA).

The Langdon Prep Series (YA mystery/thriller)
MY OWN WORST FRENEMY (Kensington, 2011)
CREEPING WITH THE ENEMY (Kensington, 2012)
SWEET 16 TO LIFE (Kensington, 2013)
GUYS, LIES & ALIBIS (self, 2014)

Kirkus Reviews on My Own Worst Frenemy
Chanti is smart and funny, and this multicultural cast is a welcome addition to the world of teen mysteries. The story is well paced and full of surprises. . .This clever mystery with a biting look as class and privilege is a breath of fresh air.

School Library Journal on Creeping With the Enemy
Chanti is an engaging and well-developed character; she's full of humor and spunk, and readers will definitely want to know if she gets her man--the bad one and the good one. All of her friends, foes, loves, and neighbors round out this intriguing and suspenseful mystery. A great choice for those who like a bit of romance and suspense in their mysteries and a lot of spirit in their detectives.

Colorado Book Award for Creative Nonfiction
NO PLACE SAFE:A Family Memoir
Kristin Nelson
Nelson Literary Agency