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agent :
Kirsten Wolf
Wolf Literary Services LLC
115 Broadway, Suite 1602, New York, NY 10006

Wolf Literary Services is a full-service literary agency specializing in dynamic, quirky books written for all ages. As an agency, we have a deep respect for the place where “low” art meets high art—we like a good story, regardless of genre.

We specialize in the kinds of books that meaningfully connect with their readers—the stories that keep you up all night so you know what happens next. We are excited by books that are provocative within a familiar context—we love writers that can subvert a reader’s expectations.

WLS provides our clients with support, experience, and the assurance that their literary careers are in reliable hands. We believe in passionate representation, open-minded mediation, and a quality, professional presence in an unpredictable industry.

* * *

Kirsten Wolf offers legal consulting services to the industry, including small presses, literary agencies and independent artists. She is not currently seeking authors for representation.

years experience: 12
Allison Devereux (Agent, Foreign Rights Director)

Kate Johnson (Agent)