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Kim Lionetti
BookEnds Literary Agency
136 Long Hill Rd, Gillette, NJ 07933

As the first literary agent to charm BookEnds into hiring her, Kim has been an integral part of growing the agency, along with her clients' careers. Using the editorial skills learned during her first eight years in the industry at Berkley Publishing, Kim helps authors shape their works into books their readers will love. With over twenty years of publishing experience, she's worked with award winners and bestsellers in a variety of genres, including women's fiction, young adult, romance, mystery and suspense.

Kim is actively looking for commercial women’s fiction with a unique, dynamic hook. Something that explores relationships between family and friends, but within a framework where stakes are raised, and the ordinary is explored amidst the extraordinary (as in Big Little Lies and Seven Days of Us). She enjoys dual timelines and/or multiple POVs when it’s done in a way that advances the plot and creates suspense. She’s hungry to find more #ownvoices in women’s fiction, romance, suspense and young adult, and as an autism mom, is especially interested in finding more stories featuring neurodiverse characters, and those with special needs. When it comes to suspense, Kim’s tastes tend to run very dark and gritty in both historical and contemporary, and she looks for stories that are very atmospheric with a defined sense of place.

BookEnds Literary Agency is an innovative and energetic literary agency that has been in business since 1999. We represent a diversity of authors, from mystery, romance and women's fiction novelists to science fiction/fantasy, young adult and some nonfiction. BookEnds works with authors and publishers to produce the books we all want to see on our shelves.

To learn more about BookEnds check out our blog at BookEnds Blog

years experience: 20+
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Juvenile fiction, Women's Fiction, Domestic Suspense, Young Adult, #ownvoices
C.C. Hunter/Christie Craig, Helen Hoang, Bill Crider, Rochelle Weinstein, Sofie Kelly/Sofie Ryan, Nicola Marsh, James Markert, Bailey Cates/Bailey Cattrell, Vicki Delany, Abigail Johnson

Our Authors

All submissions for BookEnds are now requested through Query Manager. More information can be found on the BookEnds website Submission Guidelines or you can submit directly to Kim by clicking here: Query Manager
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