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writer :
Karyn Thompson

Please note I am writing under the pen name Kara Cavalli.

In final phases of polish/revision for big project I've been working on 2-ish years. Epic futuristic fantasy with light dystopian and sci-fi elements, huuuuge world (universe) building, lots of new fantasy beings, themes of physics, psychology/mental health, intergenerational trauma, sibling and family relationships, farming and sustainability, coming of age, what it means to be human, our place in the universe, moral implications of power. Deep and well developed characters, very unique setting(s), multiple plots woven together, dark and beautiful and fun/wondrous in spots. I'm excited about it! Will be series for sure, Novel 1 done but on major revision 3, around 130K words but I keep ripping out chapters that feel like side quests/not strictly necessary in order to stay focused. Novel 2 also partially written at 80K words. Will likely be 4-5 books and many possibilities for offshoot series in same universe.

When I run into blocks temporarily on that I write on my side project, a contemporary romance with deep, complex and realistic characters in their late 30's to 40's. MC is a legal consultant to Hollywood stars and has an alter ego as a 'unicorn' - a single female who dates married couples rather than single men. Has steam/spice scenes but not obnoxiously so. Explores themes of sexuality and the fear of it, loss/grief, vulnerability. I like to say its as if Sylvia Day and Colleen Hoover somehow wrote a book together :D It's currently sitting at ~40K words and happy to send samples.

Neither project quite ready but feel free to reach out if interested in either!

years experience: 10

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Romance, Fantasy/science fiction
The Violent Stars
Gemini Blue