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agent :
Jennifer Weis
Ross Yoon Agency

Jennifer recently left St. Martin’s Press, where she was Executive Editor for 30 years, to move to the other side of the desk. She joined Ross Yoon this summer. Many things have changed for her but one thing has remained constant: her excitement when engaged in the hunt for page-turning fiction of all kinds as well as compelling nonfiction. With bestsellers like B.A. Paris’ BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and the nationally bestselling BABY TEETH during the past few years, as well as critical successes like CLIMATE OF HOPE by Michael Bloomberg and the current STRESSED YEARS OF THEIR LIVES (a Ross Yoon book repped by Gail), Jennifer brings to the table an ability to offer editorial guidance and development as well as an advanced understanding and knowledge of the inner workings of publishing houses and the publishing landscape today.

In her new role as agent, the goal is to identify the stars of tomorrow and help to place them at publishers where they can attract attention, shine and grow. She is seeking high-concept, cleverly plotted bookclub fiction — all categories, including psychological and domestic suspense, women’s fiction, and selected young adult, series and stand-alone. A novel has got to have a hook and a consistent voice that brings the reader right in to grab her attention.

In nonfiction, she is looking for new voices and authors preferably with a platform. Areas of specialty include but are not limited to health, psychology, memoir, current events and narrative nonfiction of special interest to women.

Jennifer is the co-chair of Project Lyme, a non-profit based in NYC that focuses on awareness, education and advocacy. She also serves on the Yale Public Health board, and the UJA Executive Committee for Publishing. She is a graduate of Yale College and Yale University (M.A. in English) and lives in NYC, where she is based, with her husband and 4 children.

years experience: 30
General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense/thriller, Fantasy/science fiction, Juvenile fiction, Business/investing/finance, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Lifestyle, Science
FOREVER BOY by Kate Swenson, BABY TEETH by Zoje Stage, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by B.A. Paris
THE LONG HAUL by Ryan Prior, TAKE CARE OF THEM LIKE MY OWN by Dr. Ala Stanford, NO. 5 SHORE DRIVE by Mallika Narayanan
Please submit either directly to me with a query letter and your first three chapters attached as a Word Document, or to our agency's QueryManager.
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