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Julia Kenny
Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency

Dunow, Carlson & Lerner is a mid-size, full service agency offering representation in all areas of the publishing marketplace, including foreign, film, audio and digital. Collectively, we bring over fifty years of publishing experience to our company. The agency represents literary and commercial fiction, narrative nonfiction, memoir, popular culture and young adult fiction and we enjoy a strong reputation in the industry for high quality books and strong publisher relationships.

I began my career in publishing as an intern at the Wendy Weil Agency, while studying creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College. I worked at the Markson Thoma Agency for nearly 10 years, as the director of foreign rights and an agent. I primarily work with fiction -- adult, middle grade and YA -- and I'm especially interested in dark, literary suspense and thrillers. I have a strong editorial eye, and I'm on the lookout for writing that immediately draws me in, and stories that stick with me long after I'm finished reading.

Suspense/thriller, Literary fiction, Commercial fiction, Upmarket women's fiction, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Memoir
WICKED RIVER by Jenny Milchman (Sourcebooks)
ECHOLOCATION by Mark Powell (Tyrus Books)
THE LONG DECEPTION by Mary McCluskey (Little A)
EVERYTHING WE LOST by Valerie Geary (William Morrow)
THE LINE THAT HELD US by David Joy (Putnam)
UNTITLED (novel) by Robin MacArthur (Ecco)
HALF WILD by Robin MacArthur (Ecco)
MIDAIR by Kodi Scheer (Little A)
13 WAYS OF LOOKING AT A FAT GIRL by Mona Awad (Penguin US & Penguin Canada)
We have co-agents in all major foreign territories. For information about translation rights, contact
Jennifer Carlson
Henry Dunow
Betsy Lerner
Erin Hosier
Amy Hughes
Eleanor Jackson
Julia Kenny
Edward Necarsulmer IV
Stacia Decker
Yishai Seidman
Arielle Datz
Please send query letters for my attention to julia (at) dclagency (dot) com. Below your query letter, please paste the first ten pages of your manuscript. Please do not send attachments. Due to the volume of inquiries the agency receives, I'm not able to respond to all queries.
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