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writer :
Judith Henderson
JudeBox Idea Factory

JUDITH HENDERSON is a children's author/illustrator, composer and producer. She started in advertising as a copywriter and composer. She wrote jingles for all her campaigns; for Coke, Pepsi, Wheaties, Michelob, Milk, MacDonalds, Molson's (that's a lot of "M" companies)...there's too many jingles too mention - 600 jingles.
Then she moved permanently into children's TV composition. She pitched and won the theme song for the Emmy Award winning show ARTHUR, and MONA THE VAMPIRE, CITY MOUSE COUNTRY MOUSE, SIMON IN THE LAND OF CHALK DRAWINGS, SEA DOGS, GROUNDLING MARSH, KIT N CABOODLE, Amy Tan's SAGWA, SMOGGIES and CAILLOU.
Then she became a TV PRODUCER and Exec Produced GOFRETTE which aired on CBC and SRC and is currently airing in the States. She wrote the theme song and scored the series also.

Judith presently has a 3 book deal with KIDS CAN PRESS of Corus Entertainment. The first book, THE MISSING DONUT will be launched in fall 2018, and she is writing and illustrating two other picture books.

Judith has won an Emmy, numerous CLIOS, Mobius, SOCAN and Hollywood Advertising Awards.
She loves to play tennis, and her custom ukulele, draw, write, and eat.
She has helicopter skied to the horror of her mom. She will show you pictures of this upon simple request.

years experience: +20
Writing, Fiction writing
Juvenile fiction, Children's books, Author/illustrator/composer/producer children's television
Yasemin Ucar, senior editor Kids Can Press.
Big Words Small Stories - The Missing Donut.
Children's author, illustrator. Songwriter/composer. Children's TV producer.
Emmy, SOCAN For Best Music, IBA'S.